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Thursday, August 31, 2006 :::

At this rate, who'll be working for the Cardinal in ten years?

Between the priests and laity scurrying to get off Ship La Costa Nostra, the Globe should dedicate a daily space.

``One objective here is to communicate these messages internally without a paper/e-mail trail for as long as possible, thus minimizing the chance the news can easily be forwarded externally to the media," wrote Steve Danehy, marketing and communications director for the hospital chain. The Globe was given a copy of the e-mail.

The e-mail says Holden's resignation ``is likely to generate substantial media interest due to Holden's role in the recent sexual harassment situation."

Danehy's e-mail to executives, including Caritas interim president Dr. John Chessare, shows concern about public perceptions during a difficult time for the system's hospitals. The departures, Danehy wrote, ``require careful communication efforts to both external and internal audiences."

The memo says a news release announcing Holden's resignation has been drafted and is tentatively scheduled to be released tomorrow. ``Fortunately, this story is likely to be printed on Saturday over the holiday weekend when readership is traditionally very low," Danehy wrote.

There's a public relations team to have trust and confidence in!

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