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Carol M. McKinley

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 :::

(AGI) - Rome, Aug. 11 - "I am not a paedophile." This is one of the phrases found written on a piece of paper by don Marco Agostino who ended his life this morning in Rome by hanging himself with a bed sheet on the terrace of the home in which he was confined to house arrest, on Via del Pergolato in Rome. On the same piece of paper, the priest asks forgiveness for his action to his elderly mother and everyone dear to him. The piece of paper was found by the Casilina district police inside the apartment. On April 21 the priest had already attempted suicide by swallowing some medicine and was found nearly dead in his bed by his mother.

This does not negate the many instances of sexual abuse that were perpetuated by perverts in the priesthood--but the devestation of false allegations, I've seen first hand. Falsely accusing a priest of being a pedophile is as damaging to one's psyche as being sexually abused.

I have zero tolerance for both.

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