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Saturday, July 15, 2006 :::

Vatican comments on Malingo Lingo

Code: ZE06071306

Date: 2006-07-13

Holy See Comments on Archbishop Milingo

VATICAN CITY, JULY 13, 2006 ( Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo is again in the news, this time reportedly to campaign for a change in Church discipline on priestly celibacy.

The Vatican issued a statement today, saying: "The Holy See has not yet received precise news on the purpose of the trip to the United States of Monsignor Emmanuel Milingo, archbishop emeritus of Lusaka, Zambia.

"However, if the statements attributed to him about ecclesiastical celibacy are true, there would be no alternative but to deplore them, the discipline of the Church in this respect being well known," concluded the brief communiqué.

On his return to the Catholic Church at the request of Pope John Paul II in August 2001, Archbishop Milingo, native of Zambia, acknowledged that, having gone through a crisis, he sought recognition for his work in the "Moon" sect.

A few months earlier in that year, he had entered a supposed marriage -- not recognized by the Catholic Church -- with Maria Sung, in Korean Reverend Sung Myug Moon's "Federation of the Family for World Peace and Unification."

Today, the Italian newspaper Avvenire reported that, after a few weeks of not knowing Monsignor Milingo's whereabouts, he appeared on Wednesday in Washington.

According to the Italian Catholic newspaper, the prelate said at a press conference that he has gone back to Maria Sung, that he has met again with Moon himself and that he is contesting priestly celibacy.

More on the cuckoo from the National Catholic Reporter

Here's my favorite line:
"All my problems come from the lack of appreciation [by the authorities of the Catholic church] for the spiritual gifts I have," he said.

Since the days of Christ. Does the servant deserve less than the Master?

Milingo offered several examples of his alleged spiritual prowess, including a recent phone call from a woman in Modena, Italy, who complained that 20 days after the birth of her child she could not produce mother's milk. Milingo said he instructed her to draw a glass of water, which he blessed over the phone. He instructed the mother to drink it, and immediately afterwards she began to lactate.

"They can't believe such things are possible," he said, with respect to Vatican officials and bishops who were reluctant to have him in their dioceses.

Some of them can't and that is a pity. Some of them don't believe. But at the end of the day, when such powers appear in an individual, one must apply logic and discernment to where that person is getting his power from. There are two authors of that kind of power. Both Moses and the the Pharoah's magician had them. One came from The Holy, one came from the diabolical.

Some, start out holy, but take possession of their powers and misuse them or are fooled and hijacked and they go to the dogs.

Any sane and discerning person can see and hear where Malingo's power (if he truly has them) come from. Malingo initially trying to cure and drive out the devil, the devil reacted and posed ideas to the man's intellect. Malingo fell into sin. Now, we have what we have. He's gone to the dogs.

Shortly after the election of Benedict XVI, Milingo said, the new pope received him and said he was glad they had been able to "take away these stumbling blocks that are stifling your work."

Quite interesting, if true. Perhaps they felt they had restored Malingo's intellect?

Fascinating how he maps out his own intellectual hijacking:

Milingo said he decided to make a definitive break now for two reasons.

First, he said, he had lived through five years of "doubts and difficulties," wondering if he had made the right choice. During all that time, he said, he thought of himself as married to Sung.

Second, he said, the resistance to his preaching and healing gradually became more and more intolerable.

"People knew my gift was beyond doubt," he said. "But the dioceses didn't want me. Some bishops jumped so high at the mention of my name, it was as if the church had springs."

This led him to ask God, he said, "Why do you have such a structure that separates itself from humanity?"

He questions God, decides that God is the one who has His Structure wrong and defects.

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