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Monday, July 17, 2006 :::

This is fascinating

Ivereigh has been accused of “heinous hypocrisy” after it was claimed he helped pay a former girlfriend to have an abortion when he was a student at Oxford.

As Murphy-O’Connor’s main policy adviser, Ivereigh is credited with being the architect of the cardinal’s drive to demand tougher laws to curb abortion.

He is also accused of getting a second woman pregnant. Friends of the second woman have claimed he told her he would marry her and then changed his mind. She had a miscarriage a short time later.

Another friendship with Franca Brenninkmeyer, a child psychologist, ended earlier this year when she allegedly threw a glass of wine over him when he told her he was finishing their relationship.

Gee, I wonder why he dropped out of the Jesuit seminary.

He was involved in an abortion when he was college and is a prolifer now, that is called conversion. He got another woman pregnant and then dumped her and she later had a miscarraige, that is called he is a jerk and she can count her blessing she didn't marry him. The shrink who poured the wine bottle on him after he dumped her, that is called immaterial.

What that guy needs is a good dose of Deus Caritas Est and new shrink for his emotional vacancy and sexual addictions.

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