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Saturday, July 29, 2006 :::

So, here I was enjoying a nice peaceful sleep-in morning for myself. I'm usually up before the crack of dawn...and I open my first email labled "2 points" to find this:

1. curious to see how you'll react to Paulson story this a.m. that SPO to meet with VOTF?

2. I have a candidate to replace Jean Marchant--Matt Amorello. Lots of administrative experience, archdiocese in similar shape to his former place of employment, we often take rejects from the public sector.

Good idea with Amorello, he knows a lot about people with screws sloose and shoddy workmanship.

It appears the Cardinal Archbishop wants help to replace Jean Marchant from the pool of people who treated Fr. Chris Coyne the way they treat the rest of us when we pull out the Catechism or Humanae Vitae.

Is anyone actually surprised that his trajectory is towards abusers and apostates?

Anathema sit

Let him be Anathema.

Furthmore, the New Vicar General is involved:

``In response to a request by representatives of Voice of the Faithful, Cardinal Sean and Father Richard M. Erikson , vicar general and moderator of the curia, will meet with those representatives,"

O'Malley's spokesman, Terrence C. Donilon , wrote in an e-mail. ``By way of the request, the VOTF representatives expressed a desire to be helpful to the Archdiocese. Cardinal Sean continues to demonstrate a willingness and openness to dialogue, and is committed to vibrant parish life throughout the church of Boston. We welcome the participation of all people who wish to assist with this work."

Yes, Cardinal Sean continues to demonstrate that even a woman withholding Viaticum from dying people in hospitals, who has been excommunicated for participating in a mock "ordination" for women can "assist" their vibrant mission.

In fairness, Donilon's puke can't be attributed to the Vicar General, but, it's sure made to look like one big public relations stunt.

I'll have to drop a little information to the new Vicar General myself. He's been on my radar since a friend in Christ sent me information about a proabort being promoted through Caritas Christi.

Well - I'm off to make some chili and dessert for an afternoon strategy planning meeting.

Enjoy your day.

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