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Tuesday, July 18, 2006 :::

A reader forwarded thisExactly 70 years ago, the tensions within the Spanish Republic reached unbearable levels and the alzamiento of July 18 began. The greatest persecution of Catholics since late Antiquity would begin in the territory retained by the Communist-inspired forces, and would be particularly brutal in the first six months of the conflict.

(In the picture, Republican militiamen shoot against the Monument to the Sacred Heart, in the Cerro de los Á?ngeles, province of Madrid -- the monument would be completely destroyed in the first months of the persecution).

...with the following commentary:
Dear Carol,

To say that the blog Rorate Caeli is esoteric would be an understatement, but today he has posted a very interesting, telling, grossly poetic, but frighteningly truthful photograph from the Spanish civil war of 1936 in which communists tried to gain control of Spain. For me, the men firing on Christ represent the reality of what is happening in the West these days, but instead of using bullets, those who hate Christ and His Church are using words. Something, however, tells me that bullets are less harmful. This picture will speak to the heart of anyone trying to remain devoted to our Lord in this violently pathetic, and anti-God era. Check it out, please.

Thanks for passing this along.

I think.

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