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Monday, July 24, 2006 :::

A reader and friend in Christ send me "Alpman's" identity.

Aplman = Fr. Austin Fleming.

For those of you from out of town,Fr. Fleming, a close associate of Walter Cuenin's was one of the priests who associates himself with the "learned students" of Voice of the Faithful.

From the VOTF website:

Priest Support

Even before we became a Parish Voice, we have had a close, collaborative relationship with the pastor at Our Lady's, Fr. Austin Fleming. We sought out his advice at every important juncture, we have asked for his blessing, his support, and his endorsement, we have invited him to meetings, and we keep him well informed about all of our activities. We have also started our own Support Priests Working Group which is reaching out to priests in our immediate surrounding area.

In turn, Fr. Fleming has permitted us to meet in our parish hall, he has commented supportively about VOTF during mass, he has written supportively about VOTF in his weekly letters in our parish bulletin, he has included announcements of VOTF meetings in the bulletin, he has been supportive of VOTF when we have met to ask the support of the Parish Pastoral Council, and he has even allowed us to place our minutes and a link to the VOTF web site on our own parish web site. This could not have been possible without a commitment to a close, collaborative relationship with our priest.

He also learns (and was an active member before it went belly-up)from the "learned students" of the defunct Priest's Forum.

Here's one of his what is truth homilies.

The poor soul certainly is perplexed isn't he.

It must be terribly frustrating not to recognize truth when you hear it or know where to hunt down the answers when you're looking for them.

What would posses a priest to leave such ambiguity between infidels of the truth and the truth?

Imaging sending your flock on the wild good chase of finding truth inside of Massachusetts Legislature?

No, the Holy Spirit doesn’t have to exercise any divine power
to help everyone on the face of the earth
to hear and understand the word of God.

Fr. Fleming used to write with an email I must admit, a priest with an email name like that makes me skiddish - and perhaps jaded.

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