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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 :::

Meanwhile, Romney is making an ass of himself at the site of the Big Dig.

Did everyone see the series of pictures of Romney having a temper tantrum because Matt Amorello told him his priorities were to be at the site of the accident instead of going to his office to listen to him use the opportunity in the power struggle the two of them have going?

He can't control his demeanor and act like an adult in crisis with the Turnpike and he actually thinks he can handle the 4000 year old war between the Arabs and the Jews?

Somebody must have told him to calm down because his behavoir today is a little more rational.

Let me tell you something else, while he was acting like an immature man out of control, it didn't help that his new hair dye doesn't match his skin tone.

With all due respect - I'd like to the know the name of the individual who thought they were going to hold up the city (which previously was the ocean) with this bolt and some glue.

Here's another picture of it.

``I can't imagine anybody signing off on a design of suspending 3-ton concrete panels such that the failure of any one hanger would lead to 12 tons of concrete coming down on the highway," said Steve Banzaert , who teaches a course in ``spectacular failures in engineering" at MIT.

Brace yourself:

Big Dig officials say there is no indication of a link between the ceiling collapse and previous problems such as leaks and use of inferior concrete.

Apparently those problems have yet to come to their fruition.

Sounds to me like they're going to be digging bigger into our wallets.

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