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Saturday, July 15, 2006 :::

Israel and Lebanon

The escalating situation...

Israel fired rockets near the Lebanese-Syrian border on Saturday, heightening fears that it could hit Syria, as well as Lebanon, in a campaign to dislodge Syrian-backed Hizbollah fighters from its northern border.

The Israeli army said it had attacked targets only in Lebanese territory. "It's very important to understand that we have only targeted bridges and access points in Lebanon," an army spokeswoman said. "We have not bombed anything in Syria."

A Syrian official also said Israel had not attacked Syria.

Let's be careful about what we read in the Boston Globe.

President George W. Bush, who has declined to urge Israel to curb its attacks, said Syria should tell Hizbollah, which is also backed by Iran, to stop cross-border attacks.

...a mess.

Interesting how the potheads who hijacked Vatican II aren't weighing in on the Israel/Hezbollah situation.

I moseyed on over to the National Catholic Reporter to see what was being said.

Who in their right mind can even get through Chitsster's drivel?

At this point, it is not a matter of who's right and who's wrong -- Israelis or Palestinians -- in this long-term dispute over land. There is more than enough blame to go around here -- as there is in all wars. Even Americans are finding out that U.S. soldiers have no monopoly on the principles of chivalry. They torture detainees taken at random and bomb civilians as well as so-called "military targets" that are right in the middle of cities. And now they are being accused of raping women, killing babies and murdering whole families in this rampage called "war." And they do it just like everybody else.

As far as I'm concerned, describing the character of our soldiers fighting for human rights in Iraq in the way that she does is a grotesque display of treason.

And if we do all this to protect animals, people and professional fighters from danger, why wouldn't we do something to save old men, widows and children from becoming political carnage?

Who will rescue us from the frauds at National Catholic Reporter?

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