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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, July 30, 2006 :::

I'm quickly posting the letter I sent off to Fr. Erikson, the Cardinal, a few members of the media,including Paulson, VOTF leaders, a few priests, Bishops this morning

I am putting together a second letter with specific instructions to fax, call Fr. Erikson - and with some suggestions on thing to say about their upcoming meeting with VOTF & that Donilon should be fired.

``In response to a request by representatives of Voice of the Faithful, Cardinal Sean and Father Richard M. Erikson , vicar general and moderator of the curia, will meet with those representatives," O'Malley's spokesman, Terrence C. Donilon , wrote in an e-mail. ``By way of the request, the VOTF representatives expressed a desire to be helpful to the Archdiocese. Cardinal Sean continues to demonstrate a willingness and openness to dialogue, and is committed to vibrant parish life throughout the church of Boston. We welcome the participation of all people who wish to assist with this work."

Dear Father Erikson:

Sincere welcome to the Archdiocese of Boston.

I have blind copied both you and the archbishop in this email, as I have cc'd the leadership at VOTF, Michael Paulson and a media production company who is doing a documentary about a monsignor in Illinois encountering the activities of VOTF & SNAP in his parish. I will also be forwarding the email to my national contact list of priests, bishops, laity and media sources. I will be asking the laity to contact your office with their observations and concerns. I will also be faxing a copy of this email to the diocesan attorneys, the Office for the Protection of Children at the USCCB, the CDF and other contacts at the Vatican. I have cc'd the Pope's email address as well.

I realize that you are new to the diocese and not responsible for what has gone on in the past, but as I'm sure you must know, the authentic Catholic Religion is under siege in nearly every parish in your care. I know of no parish on the entire South Shore where a family practicing their faith can go, where they can be confident that at any time either a dissenting priest or parochial vicar, a wear the pants dissenting woman or nun, will not ambush the liturgy to say or do something in an attempt to enlighten our children that they may inform their consciences by listening to the heretics and apostates who have enlightened theirs. They quote them, they pass out their literature, they invite them in to speak and teach their philosophies and they encourage their train of thought.

I have opened up the paper now two days in a row to find the most alarming statements attributed to Chancery officials.

In one article, a woman who has been teaching heresy for decades, appointed to the health care cabinet position by Cardinal Law and subsequently kept in that position despite numerous complaints - - a woman who is involved in a second marriage to an ex-priest (quite possibly invalid), 'ordained' by a schismatic female prelate representing herself as having the power to administer the papal indulgence at the hour of death - - who by her own admission has been "quietly" anointing people instead of calling a priest to administer viaticum - - the following statement was made in response by the diocese:

O'Malley's spokesman, Terrence C. Donilon, said in a statement. ``We greatly appreciate Ms. Marchant's many years of service in healthcare ministry. The archdiocese greatly values the ministry of lay and religious women. Their contributions are vital to the life and mission of the church."

Am I to understand that those of us whose dying parents and relatives who have been foolishly charmed into believing that what she is doing is valid sacramentally, and died without the Last Rites of our Church (the pardon for all the sins they had committed in their lives), that you "greatly value" what she has done and you consider her contributions "vital" to the life and mission of Christ's Church?

If you are unaware of how traumatizing that statement is to people who understand the authentic faith, I certainly would be happy to give you my own personal experiences with my mother who was medflighted to Brigham & Women's hospital in a coma with a broken neck. She was "blessed" by a priest who had been removed from a parish by Cardinal Law for working with a woman in a ministry together which had feigned sacraments. I luckily had access to a priest who was willing to come and administer the official sacrament of the Church to her. As bad as I knew things were, I had no idea this was going on. When I explained my experience to the undertaker, he told me this was the norm in hospitals in Massachusetts - lay chaplains have wormed their way into positions where they can hijack the Sacrament of the sick. It's frightening that you greatly value these kinds "contributions" by feminists stampeding our faith.

In the second article, it now comes to light (again) that the archdiocese intends to publicly give the impression that the religious and immoral theology Voice of the Faithful has spent articulating inside of our parishes (and across the country for the last four years) is the "dialogue" that our families and children should be open to listening to.

You intend to uproot and scatter our children from the fidelity of parents who have willingly stood up in their communities and told them not to welcome VOTF's "assistance" to form their discernment in their faith?

Are you going to do this in the name of peace, charity, healing and unity? Surely, you know how this will fracture children from parents who have been teaching them to exclude VOTF's dissent. Why would you want to give the public impression that you are willing to listen to them but parents who tell their children to refuse to are somehow being uncharitable? Do you not know the hand-to-hand combat this will cause us in our families? Parishes?

This isn't Christ-like, it is the cowardice of a hireling. In order to do it, you are going to have to disconnect that the last fourty years of what we've been listening to them teach is somehow immaterial to the people who show up on Friday.

I'm here to remind you that anyone in their right mind knows it's not - anymore than if Catholics for Free Choice or the Man Boy Love Association showed up to "assist you".

Does the Cardinal actually again intend to ignore the paper trail demonstrating the gross and widespread infidelity to the Sacramental, liturgical, sexual and moral teachings of the Church by the individual members of Voice of the Faithful who have made their infidelity patently clear on the parish level for the last 40 years? He intends to "welcome their participation in teaching and evangelizing without carefully examining what it is that makes them "vibrant"?

O'Malley's spokesman, Terrence C. Donilon , wrote in an e-mail. ``By way of the request, the VOTF representatives expressed a desire to be helpful to the Archdiocese. Cardinal Sean continues to demonstrate a willingness and openness to dialogue, and is committed to vibrant parish life throughout the church of Boston. We welcome the participation of all people who wish to assist with this work."

I am appalled by the insensitivity of continued archdiocesan statements that give the appearance that the diocese makes no effort to find out whether the individuals you are empowering to teach and "assist" you, also have histories of side-car missions that are heretical, Sacramentally invalid and even sometimes Kinsey-llike in nature. You could not be unaware of the danger of placing individuals whose intention it is to teach precepts that base sexual permission on the pleasures of physical sensations. I reject the notion that anyone would be unaware that this is the concept Paul Shanley used to teach people how think out of the box and how that caused the actions of people under his tutelage. Such ideologists empower perversion.

Am I to understand that the archdiocese greatly values the 'ministry' of any ideology that shows up to "help" you and you consider such contributions vital to the life and mission of the church?

I would also ask that you prepare for your meeting by running a Lexis Nexis on Fr. Chris Coyne's treatment by Voice of the Faithful members at Our Lady Help of Christians in Newton. There you will find how their charity works when they insist on a climate that rejects the tenets of the faith. Many of us have been equally treated and abused, and suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders as a result of their conduct. I want to state for the record, that this is the type of conduct that you are knowingly empowering.

For the record, I intend to put together a package of the evidence and send it to diocesan attorneys, certified mail, return receipt requested. It will also contain questions which I believe are crucial for you to take the time to ask the individual who present themselves to your office for "healing" and "hope".

I will pdf a copy and email it to you for your own information.

Here's to hoping you muffle Mr. Donilon's incessant inanity and you instead prepare your own statement and release it to the press; that you prepare a statement of fidelity specific to the teachings of the Church about the sanctity of life, sexual morality, how one informs one's conscience, what actions require the Sacramental absolution of the Church and "who" has that power and authority, the infallibility of the pope, etc., which you will ask the VOTF individuals to sign when you see them on Friday.

Carol McKinley

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