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Friday, July 07, 2006 :::

How symbolic is this!

Somebody found an archdiocescan skeleton dump.

Whitey Bulger eat your heart out.

Add that to the pile of things Anthony Rizzutto overlooked.

I love Terry Donilon's response. There was a loss of papers that the diocese had a grave there. I'm sure the gravestones exploded & vanished without a trace at the same time - along with the caskets. To top it all off, "for some reason" - the diocese hired a funeral parlor to pile them into a mass grave in Roslindale and, well, they didn't get the job "completely done". But, not to worry folks, anyone buried in a Catholic cemetary will be handled with the loving attention they're well known for.

“We’re trying to do the right thing here,” Donilon said. “In some ways, we’re preserving the remains in a much more dignified way than they’ve been kept in all these years.” He could not say whether the archdiocese will attempt to identify the remains.

Dignified too, as you can see by the photo in the cardboard box.

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