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Thursday, July 20, 2006 :::

Harry Flynn's lackey Kennth M Fisher has the unmitigated gall to characterize parents complaining that their people with sexually deviant ideas teaching what touches feel good and are safe are dangerous to children as "uninformed" and "misleading"

Here's a recap:

He starts off by explaining that Flynn didn't "silence" a priest who was warning parents about dangers whatsoever. What really happened, he explains, was that the priest was told to cease and desist divulging facts the Chancery was spinning upon his yearly review, in a very kind way. "There was no censuring involved".

Further, the Bishop has agreed to consent to opt out or choose different programs with parents and priests smart enough to keep their children out of the way of sexually devious philosophers. Children outside of their family who are being sexually brokered should be of no further concern to them. Watching out for other people's children isn't what the sexual abuse crisis called for. Every priest and parent for themselves. Archbishop Flynn would never tell a whistleblower to shut up. That is preposterous. He is devoted to priests.

Furthermore, all the conspiracy theories you people on the internet are reporting is doing damage to our award-winning diocescan newspaper.

Fisher followed that communication, with another, saying he that he sent the first email without proofreading it for errors.

Matt Abbot responds:

Bravo! It looks like your article has the folks at the chancery office a wee bit nervous because you actually got a direct response! This is good.

I want to fill you in on a few details as you have McGrath engaged in a sort of 'dialogue' right now. I'll just run through the points he makes and address issues as needed.

He accuses your story of being 'replete with errors,' while his story is the one guilty of that....

Read on sports fans!

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