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Friday, July 28, 2006 :::

Globe spin on mother father Jean St. Onge:

Jean Marie Marchant, who for the last four years has been director of healthcare ministry for the archdiocese, offered her resignation to Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley in a letter last week in which she said that a year ago, using a pseudonym, she had been among nine women who had participated in an ordination ceremony on the St. Lawrence Seaway in Canada.

Paulson reports that O'Malley "immediately accepted Marchant's resignation".

I'm sure he also immediately issued an all points bulletin to Jack Connors, Peter Meade, Clare Bertero, Bryan Hehir to start canvassing their network of apostates to fill the hole. I bet they're all over the Paulist Center, the Weston School of Theology, Harvard University and the sistahs in the Coven of St. Joseph looking for women who wear men's clothes as possible candidates.

Although in 2003 Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who is now Pope Benedict XVI, announced the excommunication of seven women ordained as part of the same movement, the Archdiocese of Boston has not sanctioned Marchant and has chosen less confrontational language in its conversations with her, an e-mail alert to priests, and a statement to the Globe.

They issued a statement that said they greatly appreciate the time she spent refusing to call an authentic priest and instead simulating sacraments to dying people. Women like her are vital to the life and mission of the Church. As usual, they don't mention her excommunication.

A 61-year-old native of Waltham, Marchant now lives in Framingham with her husband of 19 years, Ron Hindelang, a one-time Marist priest who left the priesthood for their relationship.

Anyone asking us to believe that the Bishops and Cardinal were unaware of what that couple was doing to the flock - I reject that inanty.

Marchant said she had attended the 2001 ordination of Mary Ramerman of Spiritus Christi Church, a breakaway Catholic congregation in Rochester, N.Y...

Marchant participated in the ordination ceremony last year using her great-grandmother's last name, St. Onge, and since that time, she said, she has quietly anointed some sick people and privately consecrated the Eucharist, but has avoided publicly celebrating sacraments because of her job with the archdiocese.

What makes this so infuriating is that this is consistently the pool of candidates the Cardinal harvests to teach Catholics. He knows what people who look, talk and act like a feminist will teach - just like what a woman coming to his office for the interview dressed conservatively and wearing a scapular, talking about Humanae Vitae will teach.

Anyone told that that O'Malley fired her appears to have been lied to, as I suspected.

This month, however, in anticipation of participating in the ordination of 12 more women in Pittsburgh Monday (eight as priests and four as deacons), she decided to go public with her history and resign from her job.

``I don't know exactly where this will lead me, but there's such a hunger for the people to be ministered to in an inclusive fashion," she said. ``I'm leaving myself open to whatever possibility comes along."

That is also a lie. She, Cuenin,Austin Fleming et al, will plant a community that mirrors "Spiritus Christi" - just like the plans I revealed here on Magisterial Fidelity four years ago.

Finally, the article ends with a quote attributed to the Cardinal saying he didn't need to be bothered firing people who are simulating the sacraments under his supervision on the payroll of the Archdiocese, she has "already separated herself from the church".

Donilon, O'Malley's spokesman, said yesterday that ``the cardinal has imposed no penalty on Jean Marchant, because, according to church law, she separated herself from the church by her own action."

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