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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 :::

The ever Missing Milingo turns up like a dirty penny again.

At a news conference, he appealed to priests punished for marrying to "come out of their Catholic prisons and be reinstated, taking once more their pastoral responsibility among the married priests."

"To those priests who may feel that by marrying they have stepped down or fallen short, unleash your burden of humiliation, exclusivity and shame. Come among your fellow `sinners,' so considered, who were to be branded, and to be forgotten forever as weaklings."

Milingo renounced his marriage and returned to the church in August 2001, four months after he and South Korean acupuncturist Maria Sung were united in a mass wedding presided over by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church.

"It was wrong," Milingo said of the marriage after spending a year in seclusion in Argentina. The late Pope John Paul II personally intervened to persuade Milingo to step away from the marriage.

The prelate credited with bringing Milingo back to the fold, Monsignor Tarcisio Bertone, was chief assistant to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger at the Vatican. Ratzinger now is Pope Benedict XVI, elected to head the church last year after the death of Pope John Paul II.

Milingo, 76, appears now to be back with his wife, although he said Monday, "This is irrelevant."


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