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Wednesday, July 26, 2006 :::

The cat seems out of the bag. The post below refers to Jean Marchant who is the cabinet secretary of Health Care. As soon as I get my copy of the letter in the mail - I'll post it.

A priest in the Archdiocese who is a reader has some questions for dear, dear Jean:

Did anyone in the leadership of the archdiocese know of your ordination before it took place?

( Fr. Austin Flaming?)

When did the archbishop become aware of your changed status?

Have you ever simulated the sacraments?

Certainly at your ordination you concelebrated the Eucharist (it's part of the rite) with the "ordaining" prelate, you therefore simulated the Eucharist, and consequently are automatically excommunicated. Were you aware of this before you were "ordained"?

Does it bother you that you have been paid by and have "served" the same church that has excommunicated you?

Have you "offered Mass" since your "ordination", and if so, did you do so in a Catholic church, chapel or shrine? Were the canonical authorities of those places aware of what you were doing, and did or did they not offer their permission? If you "offered" Mass outside of the five counties of the archdiocese of Boston, was the presiding bishop of that diocese aware of what you were doing?

Have you "offered" the papal indulgence to the dying, and have you brought viaticum to any of them?

How do you feel about Catholic theology that teaches us that for a sacrament to occur there must be proper form and matter, and because the proper matter in your case, that of a male recipient, was not present, then no sacrament has occurred?
Do you feel that you have betrayed the trust of the clergy and people of the archdiocese of Boston?

Have you absolved anyone of excommunicable sins like abortion, and do you think that you should tell these "penitents" to seek sacramental absolution from a validly ordained priest?

Fabulous questions.

Does she call herself "Father", "Mother" about Mother Father.

My dear friend John Cronin posted below that his source has told him that the Cardinal fired Jean.

John, I love you and I know your source is a man of good faith.

Are you asking us to believe that the Cardinal was aware of the situation of the wear the pants woman in his cabinet and the problems these women have given us all along, and on one hand, he fired Jean - - but with the other hand he went out of his way to create another cabinet position for a wear the pants nun of the Sisters of St. Joseph?

I'm not with you there.

I believe the woman would be simulating the sacraments until Kingdom Come unless she left on her own or stole some money out of his wallet.

He's done nothing about the Paulist Center who pretends they're transubstantiating every week, sometimes, while Fr. VerEche dances bare naked from the waist up, nipples and all in the Sanctuary.

I can't swallow what you are trying to feed me. Sorry.

A friend sent me a few links that are very interesting.

Here on this website, if you scroll down, way past the cab driver looking face, there is a mosiac. A woman who calls herself Jean-Marie St. Onge.

Jean Marie St. Onge, M.Div. (Weston School of Theology), D.Min. Candidate is a Chaplain who has been ministering for the past 25 years to dying and grieving adults and children in hospital, home and inpatient hospice and nursing home settings. She has extensive experience lecturing on the local and national level on issues of death, dying and bereavement. Jean Marie and her husband enjoy a co-ministry of marriage enrichment and the celebration of marriage rituals, spiritual direction, and the offering of retreats. Contact her at:Jean Marie St. Onge, P.O. Box 381458, Cambridge, MA 02238-1458.

Here's the RCAB link on Jean.

Whether it's the same woman or not, if she was "ordained" a while ago as the history appears to affirm - - she's be pretending to be giving people sacraments.

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