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Friday, June 30, 2006 :::

They're evolving into the power point presentation Richard McBrien, Walter Cuenin, Jan Leary, etc., put together with Planned Parenthood in 1999.

Well, whatdya know. VOTF is a bunch of old ladies who want to be priests.

Peggy Thorpe says there's an "ancient spin" on women and they want communio.

Here's hoping the Cardinal doesn't let them simulate communio during the Triduum after he washes their feet.

This paragraph is priceless:

Critics predict if we extend our focus VOTF will lose ground. The fact is that VOTF will not flourish if it does not evolve. We have considered the negative effect that this resolution might have, but are convinced that such an extension of vision will only illuminate our journey for justice. Pursuing this initiative will provide important opportunities for collaboration with others of like mind, and secure VOTF's position on the map of the Church in the 21st Century.

Lose ground??

Good grief, when was the last time even the Boston Globe mentioned them as a legitimate Catholic source of information?

They've evolved to the point where the secular media now even considers the Chancery more credible than the "Voice of the Faithful".

Interesting mention to the program Jack Connors is financing at B.C. "Church in the 21st Century". I wonder if she thinks the Jesuinuts are going to be "ordaining" women when they take over St. John's Seminary with the Harvard Divinity School.


Voice of the Faithful calls for Church-wide discussion on advancing equal access for women to all positions of leadership and ministry within the Catholic Church.

Yes,indeed, it is resol-VED.

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