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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, June 25, 2006 :::

Talk about a commercial for a Catholic Victory!

Amid shifting social winds, Catholic Charities prepares to end its 103 years of finding homes for foster children and evolving families

Tip of the hat to Bill Cotter, CJ Doyle, Christefideles and the Phamphlateers!

To think that the Cardinal was on his way to honoring and celebrating with Peter Meade, Bryan Hehir and the folks who hijacked our religion to "elvolve" doctrine

``The overwhelming majority of the time we reconciled the differences between our roots in the Catholic Church and our mission to serve the larger society," said the Rev. J. Bryan Hehir, president of Catholic Charities of Boston. ``But this time, it was irreconcilable."

How dare these people take it upon themselves to dismiss the 2000 years of martyrdom of Christ's Church.

They cared for the children and put them first from beginning to end," he said. ``And care meant a combination of moral commitment, quality of professional care, and unremitting devotion to the welfare of the children."

Now, we put God first.


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