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Sunday, June 25, 2006 :::

The profile on four families changed by Catholic Charities

It's as you would expect, from Jill and Will to Jill and Jane and then finally a Catholic man telling everyone to stay and change the teachings of the Church.

Deb: It's upsetting that they [Catholic leaders] think our relationship is depraved.

Lady, join the club.

It's a rude awakening to find out their list of sins belongs to God who will not bend to your brain.

We are not the Citadel, no matter how upsetting it is to face it.

How thankful I am to be adopted. Now, Catholic Charities is deciding not to do that. I don't think people decide if they are gay or straight. There are plenty of gay people who would be wonderful parents.

I think the wrong thing to do is walk away from the church. The right thing to do is influence their decisions. I am Catholic. I'm proud of being Catholic.

Poor slob fell victim to the Man-thwarts-God ideology. Alas, he is the paraclete.

Conversion to institution in which he takes pride is a long painful road. "Take heed, lest any man deceive you". The choice between the entrance and exit will be in his face to influence his decisions, come what may.

I'm reading a book I borrowed from the library area of the Perpetual Adoration Chapel at Holy Ghost, Whitman. It's called "What Jesus saw from the Cross".

It describes the rejection of the Truth in the time Christ was living on earth, how it affected the structure of stones upon stones the morons took over to teach their ways as God's - etc.

I love this quote:

"Thanks to the Holy Spirit, the universal Church is always the Church, despite the diversity of local and superficial tendencies. The Church realizes the ideal of the "permanence of the type" which may always vary in living species. The essential guiding principle is immutable, and it remains so while the Church advances on all fronts, like an army using every weapon but led by a single plan. The dogma of the Church, Her ethical doctrine, Her discipline, Her sacramental Liturgy, Her heirararchal constitution are essentially today what they were in the time of St. Paul - what they are in the Cenacle.

There have been individual defections, many of them. There have been collective maladies. Yet it has always been a living Church that was sick, or else one or other members or function, and the Church has not on that account been reduced to the state of a corpse. Its infrimity, like that of Lazarus, was "not unto death". The Church does not die. The Church throbs with life, and the times of defection are precisely those which stimulate the Spirit to violent and wonderful reactions.

Troubled times are times of sanctity and heroism. In every social disinherited epoch it seems that there are powerful personalities destined to concentrate and hold in reserve the spiritual activity of the community. They are the leven of the future. And this is the work of the Spirit, an interior flame, a living flame not unlike that which gives life to our bodies and animates our homes and our cities."


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