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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, June 11, 2006 :::

Menino puts in his two sense:

As word of Macy’s decision spread it was met with disappointment from both LGBT activists and allies of the community. Mayor Thomas Menino called the decision by Macy’s to alter the window in response to complaints “unfortunate.”

“I’m very surprised that Macy’s would bend to that type of pressure,” Menino told Bay Windows. “Macy’s was celebrating a part of our community, gay Pride, and they should be proud of the gay community, and I’m proud of the gay community and gay Pride. Once again it’s the radical right wing that’s doing it… They don’t represent the people. Their motto is, we’ve had enough of them.”

I sent the following email:

Dear Friends at Macy's:

I'm writing to let you know that I'm going to be advocating and recommending to our Catholic Community a boycott of Macy's and Filene's as a result of your new marketing campaign. As far as I'm concerned, your window is just another act of the anti-Catholic social agenda designed to persuade our children that the Catechism of the Catholic Church can be overcome by taking pride in sexual pleasure.

I believe it's critical that in return for your social advancement from the days of attracting families into your store with Kris Kringle to placing sex dollies in your windows must be met with a loud and clear message to our children:

While many people may well enjoy enhancing their sexuality through adultery, visiting brothels in Nevada, using sex toys or consensual group sex, etc., we don't give our money to merchants who advocate pride in the following activities of Boston Pride Week:

-New England Leather Alliance ("Serving the Leather/Fetish/SM community for over 10 years" - "Marching to celebrate our kinky PRIDE". They'll also have a tent on the Common.)

-Independent Pagans of New England ("The Witches' Voice: Witches, Wiccans, Druids, solitaries, mages")

-PolyBoston (group promoting polyamory: group sex/relationships)

-Ramrod ("leather & Denim cruise bar") & Machine Nightclub (boasts "Largest gay club foam party - hot men dancing - gogo boys cruise bar - backroom dancers - xxx video theater")

-Good Vibrations (sex toy, XXX video store)

-Fenway Community Health (distributed Little Black Book to teens at GLSEN)

-The Tiffany Club (transsexuals/transgenders)

-All the King's Men (calls itself "an all female performance art troupe dedicated to challenging the confines of gender identity and stereotypes")

-Boston Dyke March (see below) As they describe themselves: "The Boston Dyke March is for everyone! lesbians - dykes - bi-women - boychicks - tomboys - grrrls - lesbian moms - lesbianas femmes - butches - transwomen - androgs - queer women - gay girls - womanists - sororitygirls with pearls who are sleeping together - dykes on bikes - lesbian crones - african american lesbians - rural dykes - goddesses - poly girls - amazons - hippy chicks lipstick lesbians - asian dykes - lesbian avengers - dykes in wheelchairs - wise old lesbians - leather dykes - babydykes" "Join thousands of dykes, lesbians, bisexuals, queers, genderqueers, transwomen, transmen, and their allies marching for political and cultural change."

-Pride Party for "Alternative Dyke/Queer/Trans Party People"

-Trans Pride event ("Mass.Transgender Political Coalition is dedicated to ending discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression")

-Star performer at Festival = Hedda Lettuce, the six-time Drag Queen of the Year Award-winner HX Magazine

-"Will Loves Steve" Cabaret Show

What's next?

A Window advocating a Take Pride in Wife Cheater's Week? Menage-e-trois Pride week?

Would you consider a window dedicated to taking pride in avoiding temptations - taking pride in modesty and chastity and abstinence - taking pride in heterosexual families?

We all know the answer to those questions.

Shame on you for allowing Judeo-Christian parents to be excoriated in the public square as "hateful" bigots who protest at funerals because we've taken a stand against individuals who want to teach our children the fine art of fisting their classmates anus while giving them gloves, lubricant and sterile pads for the bleeding that occurs with the "intimacy".

As gross as it is, those are the cold, hard facts.

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