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Friday, June 09, 2006 :::

Lots of stuff to post....but have some things hopping so it will have to wait....

Did anyone ever find out what the story was about below from the National Catholic Reporter about McCarrick that said there was a "reason they call him Uncle Ted"?

This the reason?

Cardinal McCarrick appeared last night on Blitzer's Situation Room in support of homosexual civil unions,

"And it's 5:00 p.m. here in Washington. Does a Catholic cardinal agree with the Catholic Church, certainly against gay marriage? You might be surprised to see how he feels about same-sex civil unions."

God forgive me, but the only thing we're actually surprised about, is the fact that he isn't in one.

" I think the legislation as it is proposed would not throw out the possibility of a civil union. And I think we can -- we can live with that if this is what -- if this is what the Constitution will provide for."

2000 years of martyrdom for our children is gonzo as far as he is concerned:

"If you can't meet that ideal, if there are people who for one reason or another just cannot do that or feel they cannot do that, then in order to protect their right to take care of each other, in order to take care of their right to have visitation in a hospital or something like that, I think that you could allow, not the ideal, but you could allow for that for a civil union."

The spokesperson covered up the tracks:

In a June 8th interview with, the Cardinal's spokeswoman Susan Gibbs denied that the Cardinal supported homosexual civil unions. When asked "wouldn't support for homosexual unions run the risk of actually trivializing marriage?" She responded by saying, "He [McCarrick] didn't say that he supported homosexual unions. He has not said that."

Everyone was hallucinating the same hallucination at the same time. Good day to you.

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