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Sunday, June 25, 2006 :::

Left wingers decry plans of people taking back their government from the people who step over their unemployed neighbor to give his job to illegals.

The Herald is going crazy that we've had enough and we want things like the descendants of legal immigrants educated for free.

Outraged conservative groups opposed to giving illegal immigrants amnesty in the United States are calling for a nationwide tourism boycott of Massachusetts to protest Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s stance on the hot-button political issue.

It's got to be driving them crazy that we thwarted their attempt at making us look politically incorrect.

Ann Coulter swinging the dogs around by the tails over her head has sure picked up some traction.

Kennedy’s office defended the plan, arguing it does not amount to an amnesty - and noting that if illegal immigrants fail to abide by the rules, they would be forced to leave the country.

When the people who break laws and steal our jobs prove to be lawbreakers, then Kennedy will force them to leave the country.

Why wouldn't he just make up new rules that make illegals legal again?

That's how anarchy works.

A spokesman for the California-based Minuteman Project said “boycotts don’t work,” and the group isn’t planning to partake in the action. But he did note the group plans to take out an anti-Kennedy billboard ad in downtown Boston to highlight his stand on immigration.

A Minuteman rally also is planned for next month in Boston, said spokesman Tim Bueler.

The civil unrest is something!

The good news is, McCain has made himself out to be a dog - and I don't think even the liberals at the GOP will make them their poster boy in 2008.


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