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Wednesday, June 21, 2006 :::

Kiddos, keep a watch on your parish - the rats are scurrying from the sinking boat on Lake Street and they're heading to your local Sanctuary.

He is accomplishing about half of the reduction by not filling open positions and by transferring employees to jobs in parishes and other parts of the church.

New Action Items for Church militant:

A once a week sweep of your Narthaxes and bookshelves to grab their propaganda - "Two Men with Beards and a Bird", Sophia goddess, VerEche in barebreasted wearing tights for promised dances, the National Catholic Reporter, etc., - run like the wind to your car and drive straightaway to incinerator of your local recycle center.

``The archdiocese can no longer continue to operate the way that it has," Shea said.


Let's keep their oxygen in our wallets and pocketbooks and we'll be soon seeing Clare Bertero and Dorthea Massuret with full suitcases driving down Commonwealth Avenue!

I understand "youth ministry" is gonzo, is being absorbed by the family ministry.

I also heard that the Jesuit who was in charge of counting people has been sent back to where he belongs. This is not confirmed yet...but it sounds almost certain. Remember him? "Bob" as he referred to himself. I think his last name was McMillan wasn't it? Remember when I caught "Bob" lying straight faced, telling me what he said the Cardinal told him to do about Voice of the Faithful in North Andover?! Since I knew exactly the Cardinal intentions, I called him on his fib. That's when our communications took a turn from "I like you" - to not answering the phone calls. "Bob" was attempting to help the schismatic VOTF heirarchal (upside down) structure plug when Zizik and Mary Jo Bane tried to plug into the Chancery right after Cardinal Law flew the coop.

Remember we put the kibosh on that?

He didn't like me anymore after that.

I'm still having pity parties for myself.

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