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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, June 25, 2006 :::

I'm in trouble again.

Chuck Colbert defends the Cuenin's apostolic apostasy.

"History reveals that God is inclusive, not exclusive, and I imagine that God delights in people who are willing to offer themselves in service to the church or commit themselves to one another, regardless of whether they are gay or straight."

Come on Chuck! The Catholic Church delights in sinners willing to offer themselves in submission to God whether they are gay or straight. That statement is not outside the boundries of the Catechism!

The bishop's remarks also took square aim at Mormon governor Mitt Romney, Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley, Methodist President George Bush and even Pope Benedict XVI. When "presidents and other politicians," as well as "religious leaders, local and international" speak out to preserve "marriage as it has always existed," Shaw said, "they demonstrate either incredible ignorance or a willful duplicity."

He explained, "Three thousand years ago, marriage included polygamy, always one man and many wives. It's in our Bible," adding, "For hundreds of years, until recently marriage had nothing to do with love or personal relationships and it had everything to do with property and political alliances."

Shaw then charged, "People who tell you that marriage has stayed the same are not telling the truth."

This is hogwash.

Do understand the concept of teaching your children on the basis of their intellectual growth? This is what God does with us as a society. Face it, cave men were not ready for ipod technology. Nero fed the lions Christians and they killed firstborn children on a whim of a king. Societies are supposed to evolve towards God and away from pagan life styles, not towards them. You have been misled by people like Walter. You have a temptation - he's told you to give in to it. It's heresy. Period. I'd go as far to say that he is a complete apostate. I don't think he assents to any of the teachings of Christ's Church.

As Catholics, temptations are to be resisted. When we fall, we confess them and with Grace, we beat the temptation.


To say that Cuenin doesn't teach heresy on the sexual teachings of the Church is untruthful. You know it, I know it - everyone in town knows it.

Carol McKinley, in her "Magisterial Fidelity" ( wrote, "Christ hung with sinners for sure, but His entire 'tradition' was telling adulterers to stop adulterating, whores to stop whoring and thieves to stop stealing, etc."

She also posted a photo of Cuenin, along with the caption, "He's Got Betty Davis Eyes."

One of McKinley's correspondents offered this view: "He's smart to quote a 1997 issue of the teaching of the USCCB on the rights of homosexuals. He's a squeaking little piglet whose going to be impossible for them to catch. They may have taken his parish from him, but not his pulpit, and that's where the greatest harm is done."

Truer words were never spoken.


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