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Saturday, June 24, 2006 :::

I had a poor, ill-informed commenter a few posts below, make a statement denying that sexual show and tells are being done in kindergarten. The commenter made the suggestion that informed parents are the people spreading the information about the sexual indoctrinations at the kindergarten level.

I answered the commenter by saying the educators and teachers are the people out there letting parents know what they are teaching. If your child not the kind of a kid who will tell you what's going on at school, all you have to do is look in his or her school bag when he or she brings papers home - or wander up to his school and look in the desk.

At the last round of hearings on the State House against Planned Parenthood, one of the parents they had testifying on their behalf finished his testimony that he didn't know anything about sex, by saying he has never, ever looked inside his child's schoolbag. His daugther also testifying, was around 16 or 17 years old.

Can you imagine??

Talk about an absentee father, competely disinterested in his child. It's tragic that children of disinterested parents are learning their sexual skills from pigs at Planned Parenthood where they are seduced into alcohol, drugs and sexuality as a premium to advance their moral fabric.

Anyhoo - God provides - here's the a story from one of the local media rags promoting immorality.


Of course, Archbishop O'Malley's Show and Tell is called Talking about Touching - which certainly is a little less forthright in who he has teaching about sexual touching and what the objectives are - but nonetheless - it's equivocal.

“The initiative is going to support the development of advising and supporting teachers that want to begin exploring the age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate ways of introducing these issues,” said Emmy Howe, one of the main organizers of the initiative and the former LGBT family liaison for Cambridge Public Schools.

They needed safe places to recruit - and O'Malley gave it to them by undermining the people who knew who the characters were pushing the program into religious education.

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