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Thursday, June 08, 2006 :::

In fact, the difference between China and people who say they care about the poor via brainwashing them into believing they need to abort their children is virtually nil.

They may not be forcing them, but they're using shame and pressure tactics.

Anyone vomiting that they are interested in feeding and housing the poor while advocating that poor people kill their children - is either a liar or a fool.

For those of you who are new readers in the last six months, there is actually a woman by the name of Suzin Bartley who operates a state initiative that brainwashes poor young women into aborting their children (and calls it "healthy families"!!), who now works at the Chancery in the established comprehensive sexual education program. Her ideology is, if you kill the child before it's born, you won't sexually abuse it.

You can't make this stuff up.

Now a university professor says children born after a nation banned abortion have better economic and educational success, showing abortion prohibitions help children.

Could it be that the society who honestly wants to serve the poor has other character traits that actually puts their words into action items?

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