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Carol M. McKinley

Friday, June 30, 2006 :::

Holy Toledo
My clients are not litigious people, but the bishop has refused to meet with them,” Gucker said. “They had to do something. They cannot just let the parish sit closed.”

Gucker said St. Joseph-Salem Save Our Parish is an organization formed from former members of St. Joseph parish. The suit filed by St. Joseph-Salem Save Our Parish claims, according to Ohio law, church property, assets and funds are held “in trust” by the bishop.

This “in trust” argument is found in a separate lawsuit filed June 21 by St. James parish, Kansas, in Seneca County against the diocese and Blair.

“This goes to show our suit is not a isolated case. Lots of other communities feel the same way,” said Steve Johnson, former member of the now-closed St. James parish.

The possessions are in a "trust" they want back???

That the opposite of when they come for your coat, give them your shirt and "Jesus I Trust in You"?

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