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Saturday, June 03, 2006 :::

Hi Kiddos!!!!!

Thanks for all the emails and messages stating concern.

Been doing some painting, mulching, planting, pulling weeds, etc., dealing with little mini-crisis in my life - and, our yearly fair is in town...(amusement rides, etc.)...and even though my youngest are 16 and 14 - I still go up there and snoop around making sure no weirdos want to talk to them about touching, smoking or drinking after doing it themselves!

Anyhoo, I've been keeping my eyes on the turmoil in the world and there's nothing much coming out of the Digs.

I have a few things to post on Helen Drinan and some news from Walter's parish re: Sister LaBollitta (after 45 years of bringing sexual confusion to children and adults in Newton, she's going out to chase her own backside in circles of ennegrams, get/give reiki god massages, etc., somewhere other than Our Lady's.) and a few various sundries I'll catch up on for the weekend.


have a glass of cheer over at the Pilot:

They're recruiting for the Two Men with Beards and the Bird programs coming out of Boston College

Here's the story on Haddad

Acting on Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley 's recommendation, the Board of Governors of Caritas Christi Health Care System voted to recommend to the Corporate Members of Caritas Christi that Dr. Robert Haddad's employment be terminated.

I have a mole who went over to the Jesuit Urban Center and snapped some pictures of everyone hugging (including Helen)

If you can hold down your lunch, read Never Again.

Sexual abuse of minors is a terrible issue that affects all segments of society. Ninety percent of all sexual abuse occurs within the family: at the hands of parents, stepparents and close relatives.

They're on the hunt!

Bring your kids to CCD and let their immorally formed laity tell your kids you are a pervert and they are your children's touching counselors!

The Holy Spirit has a fire coming their way all right.

Clear the deck!

Will be back posting a few things tonight!

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