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Sunday, June 11, 2006 :::

He's Got Betty Davis Eyes

Another proud day for the Chancery!

"Ousted Newton priest cheered at gay pride service"

The Rev. Walter H. Cuenin, a longtime advocate of outreach to gays and lesbians in the Catholic Church, did not criticize or dispute Catholic teaching during his remarks, and he quoted several times from a 1997 document issued by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, which declared that ``the teachings of the Church make it clear that the fundamental human rights of homosexual persons must be defended."

The document was not referring to taking pride in homosexual sex as a human right. Even the USCCB wouldn't go that far.

However, the symbolism of a Catholic priest appearing at a gay pride worship service is likely to raise eyebrows at the chancery.

Is that said with sarcasm or what?

Walter was operating gay pride worship services at Our Lady Help of Christians and it didn't raise a single eyebrow. Walter's whole shtick is gay pride worship services. When the Chancery "ousted" him, the Cardinal made it clear it had nothing at all to do with the gay pride worship services. Walter was ousted because he stole money.

In fact, they placed Walter at a college where he could ripen and flourish gay pride worship services with children and young adults strictly.

Walter had this to say:

``My response was, `Why wouldn't a Catholic priest be here?' In the tradition of my own Christian faith, it seems to me, as I read it, that Jesus was always with those who were often the target of hatred and persecution."

Christ hung with sinners for sure, but His entire "tradition" was telling the adulterers to stop adulterate, whores to stop whoring and the thieves to stop stealing, etc.

Walter's "tradition" tells them to take pride in their sins. The facts are, Walter is leading a "persecution" against Christ's One, Holy Apostolic Church. He is not part of it.

``Without disputing the right of any religious tradition to maintain its views on homosexuality, there can be no doubt that all communities are required, called by God, to make sure that gay people are treated with respect and that their rights are protected," Cuenin said. ``In my own tradition, as a Catholic, the teaching of the church on homosexuality is clear. But what is not so clear is the mandate of the church to reach out and welcome all gay people into the churches of this land."

The True Church reaches out and welcomes all sinning people of this land. We reach out to liars, prostitutes, all adulterers (be they heterosexual or homosexual), thieves, murderers, and even to pedophiles.

Walter's antithesis of the True Church is rolling out a public platform for the sinners he is welcoming to advocate pride in sins to the congregation.

Terry Donilon made it quite clear that removing Walter Cuenin had nothing whatsoever to do with Walters 20 year sting of worshiping gay sexuality in the Sanctuary.


Terrence C. Donilon, spokesman for the archdiocese, said yesterday that it was only the financial audit of the parish that led church officials to ask Cuenin to resign. He said that although the financial audit showing Cuenin was receiving an excessive stipend was not completed until August, a preliminary audit of Our Lady's finances was done by early March, and that prompted the more in-depth examination of the parish's payroll.

Donilon rejected the idea that anything other than the financial audit led the archdiocese to ask Cuenin to resign.

''He understood the task was large, coming in after a popular pastor, but he's doing his best to come in and serve the Catholic community here," Donilon said. '

In fact, when Donilon was pressed by journalists who were insisting Cuenin's removal had something to do with his sexual apostasy from the Roman Catholic Church, Donilon said that priests are the stewards of finance:

A spokesman for the archdiocese, Terrence C. Donilon, said that Cuenin will not return.

''Every priest and pastor in the archdiocese knows the stipend rule," Donilon said in an interview.

''He is the steward of finances there, and he was responsible for that," Donilon said. ''The decision has been made."

There's no ambiguity about whether or not the Cardinal's eyebrows were being raised about what Walter had been teaching at Our Lady's.

In an indication that a Newton pastor's position on gay rights may have played a role in his ouster, a conservative website has posted a letter from a top archdiocesan official saying that Roman Catholic Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley had been ''very disturbed" by an accusation that the pastor had invited parishioners to consider marching in a gay-rights parade in Boston last spring.

O'Malley's spokesman said last night he could not authenticate the letter, which is posted on the website of the antiabortion organization Operation Rescue Boston, but he insisted that the archbishop sought the resignation of the Rev. Walter H. Cuenin from his post as pastor of Our Lady Help of Christians Church in Newton solely because of financial improprieties, and not because of church politics.

''I can't vouch for this letter's authenticity, but it doesn't change the dynamics of what happened here, which is that Father Cuenin broke archdiocesan policy, and by virtue of his agreeing to reimburse us, he obviously concurs," said the spokesman, Terrence C. Donilon. ''Seventy-five thousand dollars is a lot of money, and we cannot ignore the financial piece of this. We cannot allow one pastor to operate under a separate set of guidelines or rules."

''It wasn't an invitation from Walter, but from the justice and peace committee of the parish, because gay rights is an issue of justice in our minds," said Larry Kessler, a member of the parish council at Our Lady Help of Christians and a founding director of the AIDS Action Committee.

An article in Bay Windows describes how the justice and peace committee at Our Lady's operates:

Interviews with parishioners and reviews of Pastoral Council minutes show that two distinct groups have formed at Our LadyÂ?s. One wants to continue advocating on CueninÂ?s behalf. The other wants to move on. After statements by representatives from each of the contingents at a Dec. 13 Parish Pastoral Council meeting, emotions were running so high, says Kessler, Â?I thought, boy we were probably moments away, if not inches away, from someone throwing a punch.Â?

I find it fascinating that the Globe appears to be giving the impression that the Cardinal and the Chancery were ingornant until this morning of Walter's "ministry".

Then, in 2005, Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley forced Cuenin's resignation from the Newton parish over a disputed allegation that Cuenin had financially mismanaged the church.

Also fascinating is the allegation that Cuenin's mismanagement of finances was "disputed". Cuenin admitted it.

The following is an email from this morning:


Sorry to be sending you so many emails on one day. I know you're busy, but I knew you would be the one to whom I could go. I really am out of the loop, but you know what's going on, and certainly are more highly informed. Do you think anything will come of Walter Cuenin's appearing at a gay pride service in Old South Church yesterday in honor of Gay Pride Week? He was smart to quote a 1997 issue of the teaching of the USCCB on the rights of homosexuals. He's a squeaky little piglet whose going to be impossible for them to catch. They may have taken his parish from him, but not his pulpit, and that's where the greatest harm is done.

Take care,

Friend, take comfort in the words of St. Athanasius:

"Catholics who remain faithful to Tradition, even if they are
reduced to but a handful, they are THE TRUE CHURCH"

- St. Athanasius, AD 373

(tip of the hat to Kathy who sent me the quote of the day)

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