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Monday, June 05, 2006 :::

Here's a fun kickoff to our week!

The National Catholic Distorter wants to heal the divisions!!

The next, titled "Healing Catholic Divisions," was a talk given by Dominican Fr. Timothy Radcliffe in which he said that polarization is so “wounding the life and the mission of the church” that it can no longer be tolerated.

Who can't they tolerate?

And that was followed by an issue titled "A Radical Shift" about the wholesale dismantling of ministries and distinctive education programs and the firing of long-time professionals in the chancery office ordered by Bishop Robert Finn during his first year as bishop of the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese.

Bishop Finn, who has an affinity for the Catechism.

The case in Kansas City, of course, is less dramatic and there is certainly nothing criminal about a new administrator making changes. The central question to that story, however, was how should a functioning, thriving Christian community expect to be treated? Further, why does an affinity, say, for Latin or for a certain manner of pedagogy necessitate ripping out everything that went before?

The problem is that, once again, there is no mechanism for holding leaders accountable. The work of a community can be undone without consultation and with no requirement for explaining why it is being disassembled or what will replace it.

This is fun:

I do believe -- in fact, I know -- that people from the different “camps” in the church can speak to one another.

Scamper with your camp, it's damp.

I was curious about the story on the site about McCarrick, "The McCarrick Mystique", "There's a reason why they call him Uncle Ted", but it's only for paying customers.


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