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Friday, June 30, 2006 :::

Did I post this before?

It sure is worth posting twice.

In 1997, as John L. Allen Jr. reported nearly eight years ago, 11 men met in secret in the Vatican “to overhaul the American lectionary, the collection of scripture readings authorized for use in the Mass. Short-circuiting a six-year debate over ‘inclusive language’ by retaining many of the most controversial uses of masculine vocabulary, and revamping texts approved by the U.S. bishops, this group decided how the Bible will sound in the American church.”

Chissiter has been perpendicular since the announcement.

The coup of all coups has undone 40 years of work and not a single woman was in the building:

That was the beginning of the final phase of a coup that upended all of the processes that had been in place since Vatican II, translation principles that had been approved by a previous pope and decades of work by a number of bishops and a host of liturgists and Bible scholars.

Of the group that met in secret, only one man (no women were included) held a graduate degree in scripture studies; two members were not native English speakers; another was from the United Kingdom and had spent no significant time in the United States; and the group included several members who came in with reputations for opposing inclusive language. “Powers in Rome handpicked a small group of men who in two weeks undid work that had taken dozens of years,” the NCR report continued.

Savor the victory in your mouth like a fine wine sweetening your palate.

Least we underestimate the moment:

But the recitation of the history is significant in demonstrating that at the highest levels of the community there were those who had little regard for precedent, competence, the work of others and established process. It is an attitude that has seeped down into lower levels of church governance, where too often power is the only credential necessary for mandating jarring and extreme changes to the life and practice of the community.

That way of operating seems fundamentally contrary to the instincts of a community where life is predicated on the Christian Gospel.

What 'gospel' according to Gumby and Tom Roberts, et al.

Finally, we suspect that the way forward will also include accommodating those who simply refuse to go along and will stand in place and continue to use the same language they’ve been using for decades.

Be that as it may - We're certainly rolling forward in a direction that they never saw coming.

Be sure to visit their new sites:

Monologues inspire dialogues

When they talk to themselves, they discover they are god.

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