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Sunday, June 11, 2006 :::

Did everyone get a look at the Macy's new marketing campaign?

Macy's Miracle on Washington Street, men with breasts and skirts celebrating pride in their sexual activities

Next week: Boston Menage-e-trois Pride Week

Fourth of July: Sex Toys Pride Week

BRAVO to Brian Canemaker and Mass Resistance for rounding up enough pressure to take the sex dollies out of the window.

Here's Mass Resistance list of what Macy is leading your children to take pride in:

New England Leather Alliance ("Serving the Leather/Fetish/SM community for over 10 years" - "Marching to celebrate our kinky PRIDE". They'll also have a tent on the Common.)

Independent Pagans of New England ("The Witches' Voice: Witches, Wiccans, Druids, solitaries, mages")

PolyBoston (group promoting polyamory: group sex/relationships)

Ramrod ("leather & Denim cruise bar") & Machine Nightclub (boasts "Largest gay club foam party - hot men dancing - gogo boys cruise bar - backroom dancers - xxx video theater")

Good Vibrations (sex toy, XXX video store)

Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project (gets huge government money - because it's a huge problem)

Fenway Community Health (distributed Little Black Book to teens at GLSEN)

The Tiffany Club (transsexuals/transgenders)

All the King's Men (calls itself "an all female performance art troupe dedicated to challenging the confines of gender identity and stereotypes")

Boston Dyke March (see below) As they describe themselves: "The Boston Dyke March is for everyone! lesbians - dykes - bi-women - boychicks - tomboys - grrrls - lesbian moms - lesbianas femmes - butches - transwomen - androgs - queer women - gay girls - womanists - sororitygirls with pearls who are sleeping together - dykes on bikes - lesbian crones - african american lesbians - rural dykes - goddesses - poly girls - amazons - hippy chicks lipstick lesbians - asian dykes - lesbian avengers - dykes in wheelchairs - wise old lesbians - leather dykes - babydykes" "Join thousands of dykes, lesbians, bisexuals, queers, genderqueers, transwomen, transmen, and their allies marching for political and cultural change."

Pride Party for "Alternative Dyke/Queer/Trans Party People"

Trans Pride event ("Mass.Transgender Political Coalition is dedicated to ending discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression")

Star performer at Festival = Hedda Lettuce, the six-time Drag Queen of the Year Award-winner HX Magazine

"Will Loves Steve" Cabaret Show

If you want to contact Macy's and find out what ever happened to marketing families with Santa Claus - here's some contact information:

Customer Service: 800-526-1202
Public Relations: 212-494-3893,,,,,,,,,,,


If you decide to enter Macy's next week, please be careful - they've aligned themselves with the authors of the children's book "What's Safe About Dat".

With this new turn of events, one never knows what they'll be handing out instead of lollipops from Santa and his elves.

Parents who objected to the above agenda and marketing campaign were smeared by the authors of What's Safe About Dat on the news where categorized thus:

“the same people who go to soldiers’ funerals and protest because they believe that gays are in the military. These are not nice people.”

Do you suppose Macy's would devote their window to "Take Pride in Boston Menage-e-trois Week" or "Take Pride Sex Toys Week"?

No? How about "Take pride in Abstinence?" or "Take Pride in Chastity"?

How about "Take Pride in Heterosexual Families"?

Come now, let's us not be deluded. Macy's knew what they were doing when they put that window up to sell sinfulness to your children.

What should be done here is to get a parental campaign going to boycott Macy's until they get it. I personally will go naked before I spend five cents in Macy's or Filene's henceforth...and that is where I got most of my clothing for myself and my children for the last 20 years.

Rebecca Haag, Executive Director
(617) 450-1262

Diego M. Sanchez, APR, Director of Public Relations & Social Marketing
(617) 450-1524; cell 617-835-1455

Paul Twitchell, Director of Marketing & Communications
(617) 450-1215

Larry Kessler, Founding Director
(617) 450-1211

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