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Sunday, June 04, 2006 :::

Did anybody catch a glimpse of the Vigil on EWTN yesteday?

The number of people in attendence, and their enthusiasm was uplifting.

Pope Benedict on Saturday addressed one of the largest crowds of his pontificate and urged young people to shun drugs and "false freedoms".

Some 350,000 members of various Catholic Church groups, known as "movements," packed St Peter's Square and all surrounding streets for a Pentacost vigil prayer service.

It was the largest crowd around the Vatican since April 2005, the month that included the death of Pope John Paul, his wake and funeral, and Benedict's election and inaugural mass.

In his homily ending the event that lasted more than six hours, Benedict urged participants, most of them young, to avoid "false freedoms that destroy the environment and man".

Condemning abortion, he urged them to defend the unborn and seek true meaning in life.

The few minutes I caught of it, were fabulous.

Incidently, a reader has sent me an email asking me to tune into EWTN

Carol: And others: Check out last nights rerun of The World Over on Sunday at 5P.M. if you didn't see it. The guest is Bishop Wenski of the United States Conference of Clueless Bishops.

He wouldn't give me a clue as to the contents, he only would say 'ugh'.

UPDATE: A reader pointed out that I confused Bishop Wenski with Bisop Lynch when I posted that I met him at Hudson's meeting in D.C. with McCarrick, Gregory, et al.

(Off to do some penance)

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