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Monday, June 26, 2006 :::

Dems have tiptoed away from Kooky Kerry

While many Democrats remain wary of Kerry,

Many is a good word.

there were signs last week that party activists were welcoming his defiance of the Bush administration -- and some leaders of his own party -- on the war in Iraq, the makeup of the Supreme Court, and on environmental policy.

"Some". That would be the 13 who voted in his favor.

But, he added, ``I don't see that translating into support in 2008. If he's going to be a credible 2008 candidate, he's got a long way to travel to regain trust."

Even the 13 don't see a viable candidacy.

His address calling for troop withdrawals earlier this month before a liberal audience in Washington was hailed, while Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton -- a New York Democrat and potential 2008 rival who opposes setting a date for troop withdrawal -- was booed by the same crowd.

Even the liberals can't stand their own candidates.

They must be going crazy thinking the best they have is Kerry.

Privately, senior Democrats wince at the prospect of another Kerry run for the presidency. One called it ``delusional" that Kerry could win the nomination, while another Democratic member of Congress said Kerry ``blew" the race.

What do you suppose Eric Mcadden will do with two losers to choose from?

Maybe he'll support the Republican candidate - he's all about being non-partisan doncha know.

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