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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 :::

Dashing the hopes of the National Catholic Reporter

VATICAN CITY -- The Vatican declared yesterday that the traditional family has never been so threatened as in today's world, lashing out against contraception, abortion, in vitro fertilization, and same-sex marriage.

McFadden is drafting a press release accusing the Pope of being a cafeteria catholic.

``If a man takes on the power to fabricate man, he also takes on the power to destroy him," it said. ``The human being has the right to be generated, not produced, to come to life not in virtue of an artificial process but of a human act in the full sense of the term: the union between a man and a woman."

Love this:

Lopez Trujillo sparked controversy three years ago when he said condoms don't prevent AIDS and may help spread it because they create a false sense of security. The Vatican insists sexual abstinence is the only sure way to fight AIDS.

Several other cardinals have argued that the use of a condom within a marriage would be the lesser evil if it prevented passing on HIV infection to the partner

....and now we all know who is of God.

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