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Monday, June 26, 2006 :::

Chaos inside of Peter Borres group of wizards

Yesterday's protest, for which the Council of Parishes provided advice and a few protesters, had the makings of another long-term protest, but was short-circuited by poor planning, members acknowleged.

The protesters in Lynn began organizing late last week, but there was no organized signup lists or food set aside, as there had been at other such vigils.

The involvement of the Council of Parishes, an alliance of people who are unhappy with the closings, who have been involved extensively in other protests, led archdiocesan officials to criticize it as having been staged from the outside.

``As far as we are concerned, this entire closure process has been a disgrace, and we stand ready to assist any parishioners who wish to resist," Peter Borre , a cochairman of the Council of Parishes, said in a telephone interview. ``If that makes us outside agitators, so be it."

Those of us having to travel and hour back and forth to try to find a parish who won't lie to our children or do clown masses (let alone hear Humanae Vitae or the Catechism) have no empathy for this crowd of tyrnats who stole our faith from us. Some people in some communities have to travel up to two hours back and forth.

When you recite the Lord's Prayer six times and say, `Thy will be done,' well, then let [God's] will be done," said Edward Koza , who was parish organist for 18 years and who was among the protesters for about two hours. ``If this is God's will, so be it."

Where Christ is betrayed, we shall not worship...stone upon stone will continue to be smashed to smitherines.

Speaking of which, remember when they for weeks were loading up the windows and pews and statues, and left our Eucharistic Lord in the Sanctuary? I had to call the Office for Worship, several priests, the Bishop's office - - because we opened up the Globe to read that they forgot about removing Christ when they skeedaddled. The protesters had taken over the Building and they were too scared to go in and get Him.
Several priests hung up on me, before one of them finally went (though I never did find out who).

We will go where He goes, His people shall be our people.

Move on and put your hand to the plows.

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