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Carol M. McKinley

Monday, June 19, 2006 :::

Behind on emails, not snubbing - please be patient and know I appreciate very much the articles you are forwarding, comments on situations happening around the diocese and nation...and will get a response to you.

Few things around the diocese....

Globe Article on the new Grand Puhbah of Healing

Poor Fella looks a little scared

This is encouraging:

You're right, this is a very challenging position, but I'm coming here to try to do whatever I can to help. The Globe had a headline, something to the effect that "Erikson hopes to heal archdiocese." That's an awful lot to put on my shoulders. If I were to rewrite that headline, I think I'd rewrite it "Erikson hopes archdiocese allows Christ to heal." The problems, the challenges in Boston are far greater than little old me.

No messiah complex.

What are your priorities for the archdiocese?

And also, besides sexual abuse, there are other people who've been hurt by actions of the church, and reaching out in a healing way to them. Those are the structural priorities. And my personal priority is to uphold Jesus Christ and bring whatever leadership and healing I can in his name.

"Cleverhole", has my grandmother used to say when she knew somebody was choosing their words just right in an attempt to cleverly worm your way out of a sticky situation.

Well, I'm reserving judgment. We certainly have been hurt by the actions of people alienating us from our own religion. I think we ought to pile the paper trail on his desk and see exactly what he means.

Meanwhile, prepare ye the way of the new auxiliary bishops. I understand an announcement is imminent.

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