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Friday, May 12, 2006 :::

What priorities get on your radar when you find out you're a Cardinal operating Moulon Rouge?

"Purging" Christian teaching and traditions, of course!

In his first public remarks on Catholic-Jewish relations, Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley last night said the spirit of God was behind Catholic efforts to purge their religion of centuries of anti-Semitic teaching and traditions.

What is he talking about, "purging" our relgion of anti-Semitic teaching and traditions?

What anti-Semitism? You mean...The Passion of the Christ?

He said bluntly that ''too many Christians did not have the courage of their convictions" in the face of the Nazi Holocaust,

..he says, as they pass out abortifacients at Caritas Christi.

This is true that Christians were catatonic - but it's also true that millions of Catholics died along with the Jews. It's also true that the Rabbis did nothing about the holocaust of their people. If you said something, you were executed so people turned towards their instincts to want to survive.

The courage of one's convictions requires complete abandonment to the Will of God - and the surrender of all worldly attachments, including life itself.

When your daddy is your fanny, here's the tools you use to build a better civilization:

''I think it's a position that matches his particular gifts and talents," said the Rev. John Sassani, Cuenin's longtime friend who is now part of a team of ministers at Our Lady's. ''He has a focused interest in the relationship between the Jewish people and the Christian church."

The theft of our religion done with a deceptive veil of virtue.

Sham said some students became concerned that Cuenin was too liberal after hearing about the controversy in the wake of his departure from Our Lady's.

Almost to a fault. Cuenin's tidy sermons at first left students wondering, ''Where was the rest of the homily?" Sham said, adding that the students and the chaplain are starting to adjust to one another.

Cuenin has added ''his own spice," Sham said, but ''no bomb has been dropped so far."

He said the brochure and his campus lectures have prompted people to approach him privately, including students and staff encouraged by his support of gay rights.

Sham predicted that Cuenin will ''draw in more people that felt marginalized

It's always done privately.

What will these folks learn?

How to build better safe sex communities at the expense of their mortal soul (not to mention his and the Cardinal's who doesn't have the courage of his convictions to halt the holocaust).

''Catholicism is a funny thing. It's sort of like," Cuenin paused, cocking his head to the side, ''it's in your blood. And even if you leave it, which many people do, it's like you never totally leave it."

Truly henious.

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