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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 :::

What is that bright thing in the sky?

That was a fun stretch of rain!

The fireplace cuddling enjoying the company of friends and family is at least temporarily halted for the nex 24 hours.

Anyhoo - The DaVinci Code Bombed.

Maybe Columbia Pictures was worried about the reaction. It’s not a good sign when your film’s big revelatory moment is greeted with laughter. “It’s not really interesting,” groused one critic leaving the theater here. “The plot is in some ways ridiculous and the laughter was justified.”


Plenty of shame for Opie Griffith and Tom Hanks:

Too long. And boring. If you want to see a movie about the Holy Grail, see ‘Indiana Jones’.”

“It seems even more ridiculous on the screen than in the book. It’s just awful. If I were Tom Hanks I’d be hanging my head in shame.”

Another delightful review on the blasphemy

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