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Sunday, May 07, 2006 :::

WASHINGTON - Detectives probing U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s early-morning car wreck interviewed workers at the Hawk ’n’ Dove bar yesterday while rank-and-file Capitol police are pushing prosecutors to throw the book at the well-connected pol.

“Mr. Kennedy, by his own admission, was operating under the influence of narcotics, which is a violation,” said Lou Cannon, president of the Capitol police union.

Which is what makes it puzzling that a phone call was made to officers on the scene forbidding them to do sobriety testing and directing the officers to drive him home and tuck him in.

Supervisors blocked patrolmen from giving Kennedy a sobriety test and instead drove him home.


Murky details continued to trickle out from the congressman with a revelation to the Providence Journal that he spent the hours before the crash with an unidentified woman.

Conduct associated with proabort legislators interested in the rights of women, I'm sure.

CNN reported last night that a preliminary internal police probe found that “supervisors employed improper judgment.” Cannon said a watch commander on duty at the time of the crash will be transferred.

A comforting thought.

Police are investigating whether U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s bizarre crash-scene story about being late for a 2:45 a.m. vote was a desperate attempt to escape an OUI bust by invoking a law that prevents members of Congress from being arrested while en route to formal sessions, authorities said.

This explains the reason why he told police he was on his way to a vote at 3AM:

Killough said police are careful to observe a provision contained in the U.S. Constitution that protects members of Congress against arrest while traveling to and from formal sessions.

The constitutional provision includes exceptions for “felony or breach of peace” - which could apply to Kennedy’s actions, depending on what investigators find - but Killough said cops typically use restraint when Congress is in session.

Ffter they fobid sobriety testing, investigators may come to the conclusion that arresting Kennedy could have constituted a felony breach of peace as he was on his way to a formal session at 3 in the morning.

Yeah? If they thought that, why wouldn't the police have helped him into a hearing room instead of into bed?

Come now.

Several stories I've read reference the string of bad luck the Kennedys always seem to be running into.

That's the thing about a God who has had His freedom of choice taken away from Him by morally insane lawmakers and leaders. The leaders get a run on bad luck. God will attempt to bring you to your knees every time, in a merciful effort to get us to execute the same choices He chooses. The bad luck is Divine Mercy. When the day is done, it sure beats burning with the Father of Lies for all eternity.

If you take a position of leadership and you use it to drive his people into the slavery of sinfulness, get ready for some bad luck. Poor women who follow their advice and sweep away the life the Creator of Life implants have their run on bad luck, too.

I think that's what really drives the prolifer's zeal when proaborts standing the public square tell poverty stricken women that abortion is the economic answer to an unexpected pregnancy. These folks are never around to witness the bad luck. Norma McCreavy and others can stand in their faces and tell them the post-traumatic consequences but the hell bent continue proceed on their trajectory. It's suck a tragedy when the Red Sea gobbles them up.

As for me, I'm praying a priest with courage will mosey on into the Mayo Clinic and explain how to lift himself out of the pit, set him on the path to conversion.

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