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Saturday, May 27, 2006 :::

Today's story in the Globe on Helen Drinan

Thanks to everyone who emailed me about the story and sent me the link.

I did know that she was connected to the hip with the schismatics and somehow related to Fr. Drinan.

Many other things were dropped into my radar about Helen's dissent, and whether all this somehow related to her actions against Haddad, whether Helen was acting in good faith or whether she was upset at Haddad's staff cutting, etc.

I thought about putting all of it on the bloggeroo when wondering whether Helen was a schismatic winnut purging the planet of affection and Haddad was an intensely emotional affectione man gone awry, but decided against it.

Really, what difference does it make?

This is about the twisted atmosphere and processes the Chancery has insisted is helpful, and keeping people safe, and how they and their lackeys, lawyers and boards come to decisions.

To me, the four year crusade to try to tell them that "talking about touching" is not safe when they employ/appoint people whose ideas about touching (and sometimes execution forthwith) are incongruent with holiness, the Catechism and common sense - and that the people they are putting in place to discern accusations have been so misguided by spiritually insane priests that their discernment cannot be relied upon.

The years of telling them they're turned our parishs & children over to people who have antiCatholic political and theological agendas and they're now presenting themselves as safe envirnoment gurus but in reality they actually abhore and have aversions to authentic safe Catholic environments, came home to roost. They finally know how appointing a lot of nutty, sexually progressive, man hating women to be in charge of "safe environments" have mother's concerned about their discussing sexuality with children.

Much more important to me, the whole episode demonstrates how when coming to decisions, whatever the Chancery has put on the table as a complete set of facts, isn't. They deliberately appoint people who'll refuse to look at the complete set of facts on their say so and when even Bishops come along saying they're going to bring the facts, they are dismissed.

Bottom line with Dr. Haddad, he was told many times that his personality, as it was, and the way he relates to women were making them uncomfortable and he was told to stop. Dr. Haddad's conduct may be an innocent expression of his nature - nevertheless - when people who have those tendencies are told it's going over the border at work and please stop, that should be the end of it. That's not what happened here.

God Bless him and we all wish him well and/or we all hope that if something is askew with his testosterone that he seeks help and gets it...but at the end of the day, there were more than a dozen at last count of women that were uncomfortable.

Proving, once again, our point is the Boston Globe.

Helen is clearly nuts.

It's too bad, really, but am I ever personally grateful that God has called me to keep my distance and my children from diocesecan environments!

It was the summer of 1993, and Helen G. Drinan, the head of human resources for the Bank of Boston, was taking aim at a deeply cherished corporate tradition.

The annual executive golf getaway -- it had to go.

``I wanted to get rid of this golf tournament once and for all," Drinan declared. ``It was such a statement of tradition, hierarchy, top down, men at the top, everyone else working hard while the execs are off playing golf. Wrong symbol.

What does she care if they all take a vacation day and play golf together?

Once Helen got on charge, she started snooping into what men at the top were doing on personal time and she put the kibosh on a day the golf tournament?

``Helen is a pro, a pro's pro," said Chad Gifford, former head of the Bank of Boston. ``She has a very acute sense of right and wrong. If someone winked at a woman, would that get her up in arms? No. Would she take a tighter view than some? Yes."

If you have a twitch in your eye, you're on Helen's list of suspicious suspects.

This is exactly what we've been all saying from the get go.

Drinan said she was sexually harassed as a teenager, while a waitress at Howard Johnson's in Quincy in 1966. A man approached her and propositioned her, for money.

...and she hasn't slept a wink since.

A lifelong Chatholic, she attends the Jesuit Urban Center in Boston regularly, and says that her faith has always informed her work. ``My faith is central to who I am as a person," she said, ``so, I take it everywhere."

Chatholic Chentral.


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