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Friday, May 05, 2006 :::

This is a very well-written story about the US Bishops

The only issue on which the bishops largely agree is the abolition of the death penalty. To this end, they overwhelmingly approved an eleven-page statement endorsing a campaign to eliminate capital punishment in the United States. Whether or not one agrees with this position, it staggers even the boldest imagination that the bishops should still be playing the part of laymen when the Church herself has so many pressing problems that only bishops can address. And make no mistake, the question of whether or not capital punishment should be abolished is a prudential judgment reserved to the laity.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn gave the game away after the vote when he stated in a press conference that while abortion and euthanasia can never be justified because they are “intrinsically evil”, Catholics may disagree with the bishops’ position on capital punishment without separating themselves from the Church. This is exactly true, and it immediately shows why the bishops should not be issuing statements on this topic.

Well said.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington reported that his task force for the study of how to deal with Catholic politicians who reject Church teachings will soon meet with politicians from both major parties to seek their opinions.

It honestly doesn't get any nuttier than that.

Unfortunately, this statement leaves us is no better positions:

But wait, these are the bishops. They are obliged by their office to decide what to do about faithless political leaders and to implement a policy for the good of souls without regard for what the politicians on either side may think. They are obliged precisely not to make this question into a political question. This is the kind of pastoral and Church governance issue which bishops have a special charism to handle. In fact, it is the kind of issue on which they should consult with nobody except themselves.

With all the heretics and apostates within the USCCB, those of us practicing the authentic faith rejected this corpse long ago.

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