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Sunday, May 28, 2006 :::

This is excerpts from an attendee (whose family was victimized by a priest pedophile) at the Novena Mass:

We went to the first night of the Novena at the Cathedral. It was Mass, preceded by a a talk by a survivor, a Litany begging God's forgiveness, and containing a prayer to the Holy Spirit. Priests who were present prostated themselves in the sanctuary during the recitation of the Litany. It was clear from the prayers that the purpose is reparation to God. I'm not certain that there is a clear concept on the part of the laity that this is what it is about. The survivor who spoke seemed to think that it was further outreach to the "survivor community." He was grateful for this first step in what he calls "restoration" for survivors. Restoration, of course, will only come when reparation is made to Our Lord and Our Lady.

The Cardinal did seem sincere, but I hope the reparation message will become louder over time.

The first night was not well-attended. There were about 10 protestors outside. I got a sense that at least some of them thought that this was "outreach," and, as we know, for alot of them "outreach" will never be received.

Actually, I believe the numbers are 350 who attended, which, as a friend said, probably looked like ants in a box car at our huge Cathedral. But, that's not bad numbers for an evening Mass, bordering the ghetto and virtually no parking.

There's all kinds of people competing against God in this tragedy, the worst of which, are the shrinks and enablers who were leading the "protest" against the effort to "restore" these people to the Sacraments of Christ's Church.

The time has come (and in fact is long overdue).

The people outside were involved in a movement to continue the enslavement to a movement of Boston-based shrinks who detest the Catechism. Some of them, God help them, are mentally ill themselves.

I don't see the wisdom of the drama of storytelling by victims in the Sanctuary. I think it's misleading the focus. Having a Catholic psychologist, theologian talk about effects and how to plug into the Sacraments and why would bring about a better outcome for the victims, in my opinion.

There's a reason why the victims of concentration camps aren't tormenting themselves with the sordid details 60 years later. We remember, but we all move forward. Some people will paralyze their lives wanting everyone and everything to paralyze with them.

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