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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 :::

They lack right judgment and in the end, that is what will bring the whole thing down.

More than 10 women have come forward since Sunday with fresh allegations of sexual harassment by Dr. Robert M. Haddad, the embattled president of the Caritas Christi Health Care System, prompting Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley yesterday to call a new meeting of the Caritas governing board.

The cardinal had privately reprimanded Haddad last week for allegedly sexually harassing four other female employees, and the Caritas board on Thursday endorsed the cardinal's action, despite a recommendation from the system's top human resources official, Helen

Check this out:

Meanwhile, in a reflection of simmering tensions within the archdiocese, Bishop Richard G. Lennon, who was O'Malley's vicar general until he became bishop of Cleveland last week, issued a statement saying that O'Malley removed him from two joint Caritas boards just hours before last Thursday's vote. Lennon, according to several people he has talked to, had strongly urged that Haddad be dismissed, and would have made that argument to the governing board.

As I've said before and I'll say it again - he at least had one crumb of sense.

What you do when you want people in a room to come to a conclusion based on misinformation:

Drinan had been asked to attend last Thursday's meeting by the board chairman, Dr. Kenneth F. MacDonnell, but was disinvited that day by the cardinal's office.

The Cardinal disinvites people who have information they need to hear in order to make a comprehensive assessment of the facts.

Schwartzman said yesterday that Drinan would have told the board that Haddad had been verbally warned about inappropriate physical contact in the past; that he lied to an archdiocese investigator by denying he had been cautioned before;

Check this out:

The Globe yesterday interviewed a female former Caritas Christi manager who has not filed a complaint. She said that when she met Haddad several years ago, he made sexual innuendoes in a casual conversation with her about her husband, which he then repeated in several subsequent conversations. The woman, who recounted the conversations on the condition that she not be identified, said they did not affect her working relationship with him, but she found the remarks odd and awkward.

What does a Cardinal do when people insist on bringing the facts to the table:

In response to an inquiry from the Globe, Lennon issued a statement saying he was involved in the Haddad inquiry from April 24, when it was first brought to the attention of the Chancery, until May 18.

``On May 18, 2006, I was informed in writing at 1:00 p.m. that Cardinal Archbishop Sean O'Malley had removed me as a member of the Caritas Christi Corporation and also from the Board of Governors of the Caritas Christi Corporation, effective immediately," Lennon said.

He removes the people bringing the facts to the table, why, of course!

Lennon's spokesman, Robert D. Tayek, said Lennon's term as a board member should have run until June 15, and that only the board -- not O'Malley -- had the power to remove him.

...and, he didn't even have the authority to do it.

Not so, countered Ann Carter, the spokeswoman for O'Malley. She said O'Malley replaced Lennon on the corporation, but that Lennon then chose to resign from the board of governors. Until Lennon took that additional step, Carter said, ``the cardinal had anticipated Bishop Lennon would participate in the meeting by phone."

``There must be some misunderstanding," Carter said.

Yeah - here's the misunderstanding, Lennon isn't going to cover up for O'Malley in the public square anymore. The jig is up.

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