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Friday, May 05, 2006 :::

There's been a quite a bizarre turn of events in a group of Vioce of dogs in Worcester.

The lawyer from Houston, Daniel Shea, had announced his candidacy for Worcester District Attorney after the 30 year reign of John Conte is ending due to Conte retiring. Shea has made vicious attacks on the Church, accusing the Pope of being personally involved in covering up clergy abuse, and claiming (almost 3 years ago) that the 1962 document on crimes of solicitation by priests of penitents within the confessional, Crimen Sollicitationis, ( ) was a ‘smoking gun’ showing the Vatican planned to silence all of this.

Anyway, I just found out today from the Worcester Telegram that Mary T. Jean, of
WorcesterVoice, was Daniel Shea's campaign manager. I say 'was', because the
Telegram article says that they "have parted ways amid accusations and counter
accusations that have the state and Leominster police investigating allegations
of improper handling of Mr. Shea's nomination papers."

The article, by Shaun Sutner quotes Mary Jean as saying she and Shea had several
heated arguments, and that she thought he was not suited to be a candidate. Shea
says he fired Ms. Jean, and that she had no authority to disolve his campaign
office and bank account. I found no mention of this on the WorcesterVoice Web

The Telegram article is at

As you probably knew, Shea appears unstable and very into himself, and I think
this underscores that instability. Shea’s opponent is from an old time
political family, the Earlys, and actually defended Fr. Joseph Coonen for
charges that he recently hit his mother in a family fight. Some are trying to
portray this vote for DA as a referendum on the Catholic priestly sexual abuse

Fr. Coonen was removed from active ministry after several men came forward a
couple of years ago and claimed that before Coonen was a priest, he engaged in,
shall we say, scatological behavior with teenage boys who spent their time
drinking beer in the woods in Oxford MA during the 70’s and early 80’s.
Basically Coonen asked these boys to defecate into baggies, and that he be
allowed to watch. Sadly, he’s actually technically still the pastor, and would
present a bizarre case if he pressed his rights under canon law that we be given
a trial to be re-imposed. I think the diocese is simply going to ignore this
situation, as the man possibly is deranged, a drunk, and there is a small but
noisy cult of personality that still wants him back at this parish, and any
canon law trial would turn into a zoo.

I got a new email update today from a friend in Christ:

Things have gotten weirder and weirder here. You know Mary Jean of
WorcesterVoice, and Daniel Shea the lawyer from Houston, who accused Pope
Benedict of covering up clergy sexual abuse, and has run a three ring circus of
dismissed lawsuits against the Diocese here in Worcester.

Mary Jean has a website called, named after retiring
DA John Conte here in Worcester. She just broke off her relationship with
Daniel Shea, and accused him of;

1 - secretly living with his boyfried, Edward Gagne, who Shea won a $130,000
discrimination settlement against the City of Worcester, claiming Gagne was
passed over for promotion because he was gay.
2 - all kinds of abuse against his law clients
3 - instability of mind
She is publicly apologizing on the web site for ever having associated with
Shea, and for being his Campaign manager.

It's actually kind of sad how mixed up some people get.
Of course, this is small potatoes to what you have to put up with in Boston. At
least here some of the enemies of the Church are confounding themselves.

I am not making this up.

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