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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 :::

Put this link into your favorite places.

A prayerful friend in Christ has started a bloggeroo in Kansas City.

You'll enjoy his spirituality and insight.

He tells me his Bishop is under attack by the pigs and swine at the National Catholic Destroyer, which in my book is all the evidence you need to know he's a threat to the whoring and infantcide culture.

He has a link to an NCR story about one of their presbyteral clysdales being taken out of action, Sr. Jean Beste whom the good Bishop tossed, books and all:

From administrative decisions -- the dismissal of Sr. Jean Beste, whom the bishop and her replacement tried three times to lure back to diocesan employment -- to the disassembling of nationally renowned adult education programs, there is little evidence of pastoral prudence or consideration for what went before.

The comparison that best sums up what has happened is the kind of purge conducted by a new corporate CEO charged with turning around a dying company.

I'm salivating!

Take a look see at who the Bishop put in place:

Perhaps there was a hint of rationale when the new head of adult catechesis and evangelization for the diocese proclaimed at a meeting: “I just wanted to say that Christ came to announce a kingdom. A kingdom is a hierarchical structure. A kingdom is not a democracy.”

..and with that, the blueheads picked up their Reiki books, safe sex books and condoms and they've all parted ways.

There is a certain logic to the claim. We’d like to be generous here, but if that is the sort of interpretation of scripture to which students -- in whatever new courses of instruction develop -- will be treated, the lament over the changes becomes all the more keen.

To die for!!

My personal favorite is the paragraph of drivel about compassion. They've got plenty of it, so long as anybody who enters parish property doesn't show up interested in having their children learn what's in the Catechism.

There ain't no domination like the Dominatrixes weaving the thread of fabric with sexual rubrics, devotions and relationships.

I digress.

Well, my good friends in Kansas City, stay the course and some day, sooner than you think, your children will be allowed to hear the authentic faith right from religious education and the pulpits.

A word to the wise: If some genius wants comes along and suggests there's a more peaceful way of ridding the apostasy through gradual efforts to hijack ennegrams and bring in Adoration - - dial 1-800-Chris-Coyne and ask how it panned out here in Boston.


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