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Monday, May 22, 2006 :::

The plot thickens on the Caritas Kisser

Mandel said the board was told Thursday that there were more than the four women involved before they endorsed Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley's recommendation that Haddad be reprimanded and receive instruction in sexual harassment guidelines.

I smell toast.

Mandel confirmed a statement by a spokeswoman for Helen G. Drinan, the Caritas executive vice president for human resources who had urged that Haddad be fired, that the church investigator decided that the accounts of the four women had established a pattern of misbehavior by Haddad.

He had been previously told his hugging and kissing needed to be curtailed as it was infringing across too many women's boundries to be classified as a swell fella who is affectionate - - and he kept on doing it anyway. What would make anyone think handing him back his own policy to read would pan out any differently?

This is typical:

The investigator concluded that it would not have been in the church's interest to widen the inquiry, according to the account provided by Karen Schwartzman, Drinan's spokeswoman.

The diocescan lackey suggested they not ask anyone else or dig under the rug.

One of the board members said yesterday that he felt misled after he learned in yesterday's Globe that Caritas Christi had fired other men for similar behavior. He also said that Haddad on May 10 was seen by several witnesses, including the president of Caritas Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, to be leering and winking at one of the victims.

Suddenly, a board member is shocked that people get fired for this kind of stuff and he feels misled. He is full of it!

They sure know how to sling the baloney when the story of sweeping under the rug ends up in the Globe.

Mandel said the board was not told of the May 10 incident because it hadn't been corroborated.

It was corroborated by several witnesses, including the president of the hospital, who else and what else was necessary?

Mandel said that Musiker's 30-page report contains details about the other employees involved. Board members were offered the opportunity to read it at the Thursday night meeting, but none did, he said. But he said that Stephen B. Perlman, his law partner who was at the meeting, told the board there were incidents involving others.

They didn't want to read it?

''The board was underinformed and misled."

How duplicitous.

You think the operation of hiring people who tell you not to investigate, and not reading the evidence that other people undertake when it's clear the yahoos are not going to investigate had anything to do with the spin that everyoen was underinformed and misled?

Quite a crew.

Bottom line, this is exactly the same process it always has been. Laity was, and remains equally complicit in the unsafe environments of the RCAB.

And employment law specialists expressed disbelief that O'Malley did not share important information with the Caritas board.

...just as he is not sharing with priests and families how their touching programs will actually increase the likelyhood that Catholic children will be led and fed to predators - this doesn't surprise any of us a single bit.

This isn't about Haddad as much as it's about the artful dogers of the RCAB and how they reach their conclusions about the employees and volunteers they apoint.

It's a disgrace.

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