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Friday, May 26, 2006 :::

Oh...and Sull...just one more thing....

That supposition of a priest, the one we're just out of the blue, calling Coin....

If naively, such a priest were to take a role in media relations and wake up some morning with a stack of papers on his desk about the Bish's Vagina Monologues program being massacred by parents who've found the safe sex touching pedigrees of their employees/volunteers to be unsafe environments for children - and he has an epiphany that his job is going to mean selling this environment for the Bish and he grapples between what he thinks he's supposed to do in order to be obedient to Bishop Quigg - or stepping away from the position because nobody in their right mind could do it....that might be something somebody who was punched in the nose by Coin on the orders of Quigg, might not be, shall we say, impartial to seeing?

Further...let's just say Coin has had several years of formation in an environment saturated with ideology that what's going awry in parishes is, those of us who want to teach the Catechism to the flock as the fiat to which we are bound if we are calling ourselves Catholics and partake of the Holy Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ - are just not being "nice" to the people who reject the tenets of our faith. Let's just say Coin is entrenched with the notion that if only he could go to a parish and be "nice", gentle and holy to these folks, that he'll be allowed to preach and teach anything that is remotely Catholic.

Let's just say you spend a couple of years telling the chancery folks that they are misunderstanding the problem with putting dissenters in charge of every facet of what temporal goods get distributed to the flock - and what happens when you pull out Evangelium Vitae...or more importantly what happens when you even come into the building when they know you subscribe to Evangelium Vitae.

Let's say you open up the Globe one day and you see he's been chased out of his habitat by the vigilantes opposing the tenets of our faith.

Do you suppose that the Holy Spirit could possibly work by having placed him in your life, at your disposal to warn him of what was going down so that when he experienced it himself - he would recognize the phenomenon, and instead of it taking 20 years to gain that kind of wisdom, he now possesses it?

Do you suppose that whatever little punch in the nose he gave you, it could be that offering the suffering up,laying it on the cross as redemptive suffering which won a pearl of wisdom for one of Christ's priests, is actually, quite victorious for Christ (though perhaps not you)?

Now, how do you suppose when Coin moseys on up to the Chancery to sit around thinking about strategies on how to win souls, he's going to report back to the Bish how that misguided strategy panned out?

He's going to say keeping these people in the pews just to keep them there is actually driving out more than it's bringing in and that's why - the pews are empty now and when they were teaching the truth and offending all of us, the place was packed to the rafters with long lines in front of the Confessional, isn't he?

Now, if the buffoons at the Chancery pull out the story of the prodigal son, the pigs will find the pearls, because they lived it. The lights are going to dawn on the marbleheads...they've got to preach the truth and let their children go, let them fall, let them convert, like the rest of us had to do. You can't appoint the whoring boozing son to teach the innocent staff what kind of choices to make about sexuality. Some of those chancery boys are going realize that their children come back free from the slavery of sinfulness when they tell them the truth and let them go. They'll come back rejecting the pomps and circumstances of temptations, and ask forgiveness for the things they've done, on their knees - then and only then do they sin souls for Christ.

Back to reality here....

The examples which we've fought about, that may not be as obvious to my readers - - you know to what I'm referring......Letting up on the scalpel with a priest who is selling Voice of the Faithful full force to his flock, isn't going to bring him the pearls. While a priest may be a swell fella and you may like him and he may have baptized your children and he may be your friend and you'd like to keep him that way - - this man is a priest who belongs to Christ's Bride. You can pamper him and keep your mouth shut and have him for the family barbecues - etc., or you can choose to tell him the truth and let him get mad at you. He may never be your friend again....but that's life. You've just cut time off his confusion. God will show him what you meant. There is a God, you are not it. The priests are not it, the Bish is not it.

That poor slob in the Cathedra, he's not there yet. Stop giving him false sense of security, that's all I'm saying re O'Malley.

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