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Saturday, May 13, 2006 :::

McCain is going to test the waters

Suddenly, he's courting the albatross he privately and publicly described as the evil force of intolerance?

McCain is courting religious right voters with the goal of accomplishing in 2008 what he couldn't in 2000: win the Republican nomination for president. McCain, they say, apparently has calculated that improving his relations with one of the Republicans' core constituencies is worth the risk of damaging his contrarian image, which made him popular among independents.

Not at all unpredictable, but just the same, it's fascinating that the Republicans would run McCain up the flagpole to see if we'll salute.

McCain blamed religious right leaders for the smear campaign. He went to Virginia Beach, Va., home of Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition, and gave a speech attacking Robertson and Falwell by name, calling them ''agents of intolerance" who were corrupting both religion and politics.

And if it's one thing political agents of tolerance won't tolerate, it's people who prayerfully contemplate life and morality issues with God, the Catechism, the Bible - - and reach sound judgments about what the Creator will tolerate from humanity, and what He won't.

Do you think the GOP knows how asinine this sounds?

Are they about to give traction to a politician who purports the sky to be the limit on the toleration of people, excepting of course, those who assent to the prudential judgments of God?

If the man is intolerant of the process of going to God for enlightenment and applying that judgment to decisions you make for your country, who in the right mind would want him as an elected official?

What kind of an empire navigates through decision making without God?

"Toleration" is something that kicks in when our planes are on a runway for hours waiting for clearance and we're sitting beside somebody's whiney kid.

"Toleration" is something we have for the character flaws of people we love (and they for us).

For the "religious right", "toleration" doesn't apply to proabort politicians any more than it applies to the Klu Klux Klan and the Taliban.

From my own personal perspective, I'll add that "toleration" doesn't apply to regimes who refuse to educate women, shoot them at will, stand in the public square announcing Jihad on America, drive planes into the twin towers, the Pentagon and attempt to drive one into the White House. I would pray those things would be beyond the limits of human toleration but they are not. When I vote, I vote to ensure if murdering tyrants show up in Massachusetts (because if anything happens, this is the place), our elected officials will rise above the peacenicks promoting tolerance for it in the name of "peace". I want a man with the courage of his convictions, interested in protecting American women, even they are threatened from a foreign land.

A word to the wise: If anyone in the prolife political hierarchy tries to feed McCain to prolife voters, we'll go for the jugular. It's either with us or against us. At the end of the day, we know they've overlooked prolife politicians like Brownback to sell us a proabort as the lesser of two evils.

Perhaps it's prudent to inform the prolife GOPers, Karl Rove,Fr. Pavone (all of whom I'm sure would be again a McCain ticket) that we will get on board, that we'll refuse to participate, refuse to vote, etc.

Between two proaborts, it's time to walk away & let the chips fall where they may - - encourage prolifers on every level to do the same.

If they're testing our convictions as to whether we are prolifers and not Republicans or Democrats, it would be better for our children to see that answer loud and clear.

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