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Carol M. McKinley

Saturday, May 20, 2006 :::

Kansas City Catholic has some great posts which I would encourage you to check out.

The St. Ambrose prayers are so priceless. Print them off and put them in your Magnificat, take them to Mass with you, pray them.

This, all of us experience:

Question for you, if you care to offer any counsel. I joined the Church four years ago as a refugee from the Episcopal Church. Since then, I have been very discouraged by the agenda-driven, left-leaning people and practices I have encountered. I even stopped attending my 'home' parish over rampant political correctness and liturgical abuses. Are there any parishes in the metro (especially in the Northland) that you know of where I can find orthodoxy and magisterial fidelity?"

Lots of luck!

Reminding sinners which actions are sinful, what actions are necessary to confess is a "role" abandoned by the priesthood long ago. It's an entertainment show to keep the almighty dollar coming in. The priest loves ya baby, just the way you are. Keep sinning and putting the almighty dollar in the basket.

Most of us seek refuge by turning on EWTN and finding a single milquetoast place in a 100 mile radius where we can partake of the Bread of Life that pretty much guarantees that no priest, nun, deacon, lay person will drop a shoe when we least expect it in front of our children to undermine righteous judgment we teach at home.

Strap yourself into the Ark and keep yourself in a state of Grace and find a network of good, solid authentic Catholics - and do what you can to witness to the faith at work and your community.

Face it, were in Crete and you know what? There's no better place to be. When you do the above - more so than ever, I'm seeing a curiosity in the misled and misguided that was never there before. The dust has settled and we're still standing and they want to know what gives us our hope and our love and our joy.

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