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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, May 07, 2006 :::

The "Jesuit tradition" of flailing & frothing at the mouth when someone in the truth is on the agenda is hitting pay dirt over at Boston College

These are the people Cardinal O'Malley are turning towards to put a new spin on Catholic education in grades K through 12.

''This is the only time these people have cited Pope John Paul II on anything," said the Rev. Paul McNellis, who is an adjunct professor in the philosophy department.

Furthermore, Pope JP II cited things about war as a general principle, as well he should, but his quotes are, once again, are being hijacked and misconstrued.

Student activist Reena Parikh, a senior English major, found a contradiction in BC's taking a Catholic teaching stance against abortion and gay rights, while at the same time inviting Rice to accept an honorary degree.

''Boston College has selectively chosen which Catholic teachings it's going to privilege and which ideas of Catholic teaching it's going to censor," Parikh said.

There's no flies on her.

If Reena found out that some tyrant was going to execute all the Parikh's in her native country - she'd be the first one to support a war to remove the tyrant. It's wisdom until it affects your loved ones. What the Catechism affirms about war is the essence of knowing when to fight for freedom of tyranny. There would be no Jews or Catholics if we didn't have a war to remove Hitler and this country would still be enslaving black people.

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